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El Niño attacks: How-to fight off the summer heat

By: - May 08, 2024

El Niño heightens as the heat index reaches a “danger” level in certain areas of the Philippines, spiking up to 47 °C from April 17 to 21. The risks it brings to everyone’s—elders, people with chronic illnesses, and young children—health and well-being is evident as schools opt for online classes and allow alternative uniforms for both teachers and students.

However, there are urgent and important matters for which taking time off from work and school is not an option. So, here are the tips everyone can use to protect themselves when going out of the house:

Stay hydrated

El Niño heat: How-to fight off the summer heat

Bring your water jug

Always bring water wherever you go and hydrate yourself to avoid heat exhaustion and dizziness and to prevent any heat-related illnesses and heat-triggering diseases. It not only balances your bodily functions but also removes toxins from your body through urine and sweat.

Wear lightweight fabric clothes

El Niño heat: How-to fight off the summer heat

Lightweight and light colored clothes for hot weathers

Wear lightweight clothes, even when wearing sleeved shirts, to sweat less and not overheat your body when walking around from one place to another. With its breathable fabric, it cools your body and lowers your temperature as it has better ventilation. 

Update yourself with the weather forecast

El Nino

Be updated to the weather forecast

Always be updated on the weather forecast the following day before setting and finalizing a schedule. Aside from preparing you for any sudden change of weather, it also allows you to evaluate the risks of going out in the heat with your current health before reaching a decision.

Always be under the shade

El Niño heat: How-to fight off the summer heat

Find a shade to rest from the burning heat of the sun

When walking out in broad daylight, ensure to wear a cap or bring an umbrella with you to cover you from the direct exposure of sunlight. If you are a two-wheel rider, be in the shade, such as a tree canopy. This is to protect you from the UV rays and prevent worsening chronic medical conditions.

Go out during the cooler times of the day

You can go out the house when it is not that hot

You can go out the house when it is not that hot

Do not go out during the hottest time of the day. If possible, be at home before noon and go out after four in the afternoon. Longer hours of exposure to heat could lead to fatigue and blacking out, or heatstroke, at most. So, schedule your meetings and other plans before the indicated times. 

We cannot control the heat, but we can control how we experience it. Fighting it off through different actions to protect ourselves from the possible side-effects of El Niño is necessary to prevent complications. 

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