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Gabii sa Kabilin 2024: Bringing generations together to rediscover Cebu’s heritage

gabii sa kabilin 2024

Snaps from Gabii sa Kabilin 2024 | CDN Photo/ Pia Piquero

CEBU CITY, Philippines – The “Gabii Sa Kabilin” or “a night of heritage” annually brings together young and old to explore Cebu’s history. This year’s event, on May 10, 2024, attracted over a hundred locals who visited 22 museums and heritage sites across the city.

History is shaped by diverse perspectives, young and old. Even within a shared historical and cultural context, each individual’s viewpoint adds a unique thread to the narrative.

From students to families, Gabii sa Kabilin warmly embraced participants of all ages, each eager to delve into the rich layers of Cebu’s past.

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Mary Flor Yap, a mother from Mandaue City, reflected on the tradition she shares with her family. While this year’s event marked her children’s first attendance, she and her husband have frequented the event since 2012.

Yap believes it’s crucial to pass on the knowledge from Gabii sa Kabilin to her children to enrich their heritage.

“Lain kaayo nga at the age of 35 unya mangutana imo mga anak nimo about history unya wala kay ikatubag,” Yap said.

Mica Paglinawan, 26, wearing a modern Filipiniana crop top, embodies the event’s spirit as a regular attendee. She values immersing herself in Cebu’s culture and connecting with fellow Cebuanos.

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According to Paglinawan, revisiting history is crucial to avoid repeating past mistakes and becoming better citizens.

“It is important to know our roots so we can know where we went wrong and become better this time,” Paglinawan shared.

Khrys Magallon, a Cebuano college student, found resonance in the Sinulog performance at Basilica Minore del Santo Niño.

As a performer himself, Magallon feels a deep sense of connection to his heritage through the Sinulog dance. His first-time experience at Gabii sa Kabilin fuels his aspirations to contribute to the event’s organization, driven by a desire to enhance its impact.

“Gabii sa Kabilin is a very amazing event and I want to be part of the organizers. I want to help make this event even better,” Magallon said.

This year, Gabii sa Kabilin welcomed first-time attendees, and among them were the Argaoanons. Dressed in Argao’s local handwoven textile, the Hablon de Argao, high school students from southern Cebu town showcased various styles in their costumes.

Novem Lao, the heritage officer in charge of the Municipality of Argao, said that they decided to attend Gabii sa Kabilin not just to experience it but also to promote their native style.

“Hablon de Argao is a dying weaving industry that’s why we want to integrate the clothing into a program with a bigger platform,” Lao shared. /clorenciana

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