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SaladStop! partners with local farmers as it feeds growing salad market in Cebu

The shift of more people to a healthier way of living is also benefiting farmers as it opens a bigger market for their produce.

Nana Hidalgo, SaladStop! Philippines merchandising head, said there is a growing market towards salads as both millennials and the older generation are mindful of their diet and consume more healthier food, a trend that can help increase the income of our farmers as well.

“We all know it takes a lot of willpower to eat vegetables let alone go vegetarian, but there is a market now for salads because more and more people become aware of its benefits which in turn help our local farmers,” said Hidalgo.

She said they had local partner-suppliers in Manila where they had sourced their greens and also had suppliers in Cebu for their raw ingredients.

Bulk orders are sourced from the farms here in Cebu, however, because of weather constraints, bulk orders are sometimes made in Manila.

“As much as possible we get our ingredients as close to where we are located,” added Tessa Catacutan, SaladStop! marketing manager.

Now, with the opening of their second branch in Cebu at the Oakridge Business Park, SaladStop! continues to pioneer healthier food options by also providing healthier alternatives to fast food through their salads and wraps.

In addition to their regular menu, their Ayala and Oakridge branch also offers a Cebu-exclusive salad and wrap dubbed as “Bring it Chon!,” a first outside Manila.

The seasonal menus are made with romaine lettuce, quinoa, lechon, turnip, cherry, tomatoes, ripe mango, pickled green papaya, fried garlic, and Mango Cilantro dressing, giving customers a taste of the best Cebuano flavors in the healthiest way possible.

Ready for the Cebu market

As they open their second branch in Cebu on April 23, SaladStop! signifies that they are ready for the Cebu market, especially for the health conscious.

“We see that we don’t have a direct competition or competitor yet so we see this as an opportunity to grow and expand here in Cebu,” said Catacutan.

Catacutan also said that the location of their second store at Oakridge is a perfect lifestyle destination where retail and business meets.

As for expansion, two more stores are now in the pipeline this year.

“Hopefully, there are more to come in the future,” said Catacutan.

Currently, there are 15 branches of SaladStop! in the country, 13 of which are located Manila while the two are in Cebu.

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