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Boosting your brainpower: How and why

How can you boost your brainpower?

During our childhood days, we experience minor memory lapses, whether it’s forgetting a chore or an answer during an exam.

We laughingly call these memory lapses as “senior moments.”

This goes to show that everyone needs mental acuity not just to function, but to perform well in school as well.

Your brain is your most valuable asset. Cognitive functions play a key role in every single thing you do each day.

It’s important to maintain your brainpower while you are young — whether you’re a student gearing up for midterms, an employee coping with numerous work demands, or a senior determined to stay sharp in their later years.

Our brainpower affects not just our everyday performance, but also the decisions we make, whatever life stage we’re in.

How can you take care of your brain? The main thing is to always keep it in action.

Here are things you can do to ensure that your brain is in tip-top shape.

Lifestyle changes

Physical health is important to mental health, so find time to exercise and rest.

Add food rich in antioxidants, Vitamins B, C, E, K, essential fatty acids, to your diet, but decrease sugar intake.

Routinary, mechanical work can dull mental processes. Take up a new hobby, learn a skill, try out games. Pick up new books to read.

Stimulating the brain equips it with the capability to stay sharp longer.

Interactions with others also help the brain stay active. Joining clubs staying in touch with friends and families, or maybe even striking conversations tricycle driver— these kinds of activities keep the brain active and healthy.

Invest in your asset

Go beyond these easy steps by incorporating Brainbos Plus — a superfood for boosting child’s brainpower.

BrainBos Plus is made of Taurine that helps assist memory enhancement and brain functions including Vitamins A, C, D, B that promotes calcium absorption and energy boosters that will help energize and decrease a child’s risk of becoming anemic.

The product is also rich in natural source of energy for the brain.

Aside from brain-boosting activities and food, adding supplements to your day can help keep a child’s mental and physical dexterity intact for the years to come.

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