Animal Crossing: Some tips to get you started

Animal Crossing: New Horizon is a smash video game hit, and it has helped some of us cope in many different situations during the onset of this pandemic.

However, for those who are starting their island journey in ACNH, it is always worth checking out guides to arm you before you start our island from scratch.

From tools, tricks to day-to-day living, here are top ACNH tips to help you get started. 

Shake trees for free furniture

Every day, your island has two items hidden in your non-fruit bearing trees. So don’t forget to shake all your non-fruit bearing trees every day for a chance to get free furniture.

Hold down “B” while walking to run

If you want to get from one side of your island quickly, hold down B for you to run.

However, running will scare away bugs and fishes if you get too close to them. 

Always shake trees with a net in hand

If you share the trees while holding a net, you will be able to catch the wasps without getting stung.

When the wasp net falls, just press A and you will be able to catch and sell them in exchange for bells. 

If you do it right, you can run away from wasps by hiding in buildings

If you happen to be caught in the situation where wasps chase you, just run to the museum and they will just go away.

Speed up conversations by pressing L, R, or B

Blathers is cute and adorable, but reading the same conversation over and over again sometimes gets on our nerves.

Just like running, press B, L, or R to speed up the conversation. This makes the process quicker and saves up time. 

 When you dig up a shining hole in the ground, plant 10,000 bells in the hole

Whenever you find that shinning spot on the ground, dig up the 1,000 bells.

But, instead of planting it back, bury 10,000 bells. Do this every time for a 30,000 return for every bell tree that matures. 

Make sure to go fishing in the rain

Fishes like Coelecanths and other blackfish that are worth a ton of bells spawn in the rain. 

So make sure to fish frequently especially when it rains on your island./dbs

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