Fake friends alert! Signs that your friends aren’t really your friends


fake friends

CEBU CITY, Philippines— They say not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.


It is such a competitive and jealous world that sometimes who we think are our friends are not really who we think they are.

Sounds relatable? Here are some signs that you have fake friends.

Read on.

See things differently— if you are achieving something they see it as your way of becoming better and would receive it in a different way. They would rather see that you are becoming someone who they don’t know anymore, rather than cheering you on.

Judge you— once they see that you have slowly built some things for yourself, they will then turn this amazing thing into a negative one. They will instill in their minds that you are not one of them and that you are somebody else. Instead of talking to you, they talk about you behind your back, making you look like the villain.

Easily jealous— they would make sure that they let you see how they support your old friends and deliberately leave you behind. Makes you wonder why? Simple, your success is shining bright for them that they welcome jealousy in.

Compares a lot— all they do is compare you to the person you were before. Wake up! People change and if people change for the better, support them, don’t stab them with your insecurities.

Friendship is conditional— they will only reach out to you when they need something from you. But if the group decides to gather, your name will never be on the list, because you are the topic of their gathering. Yikes.

If your “friends” are showing these signs, let this article be the first to tell you that, they are not your friends — they are fake friends.

So what if they leave you behind, be better, look, and stick to those who support you and anchor you down whenever they see that you are slowly becoming someone who you should not be.

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These people are just jealous of the way you have reached the top and how you surprisingly fit being above them.

For you, remind humble and carry on. /dbs

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