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People you’ll encounter when riding a jeepney


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Public transportation has played a major role in the lives of Filipinos.

One of the most favored public transport here are the jeepneys because of its cheap fare and fun experience—sometimes.

Although jeepneys are not available in some places yet (like Cebu City) due to the COVID-19 situation, most of us still remember how it feels to be inside these “Kings of the Road.”

For those who have forgotten, or haven’t been on a jeepney ever (you’re missing a lot dude), here is a reminder on the types of people you’re expected to meet during the ride to your destination.

Read on.

Came prepared

This person has his or her bag settled in front or on its lap for safekeeping. Fare is already on hand so that there’s no need to open the bag to get the wallet and grab loose change. This person is also the one who takes jeepney rides seriously and are the most conscious of their surroundings.

The student

Students will always be present in every jeepney ride. Each student has his own character whenever they are in the jeepney. Some are with their friends, making obnoxious sounds or alone in one corner trying to get hold of all envelopes, folders, and whatnot.

Music is life

You’d wish they would just sit somewhere at the back and not near the driver ’cause if that happens, passing the fare will be a tremendous challenge for other passengers. They usually don’t care about their surroundings as long as they are listening to their jam.


Yes, all of us have, in one way or another, encountered this type. In every jeepney journey, there are people who enjoy the air in their faces more than others. These are the type of passengers who could not put on the hold the call of Mr. Sandman and just sleeps and leans on whoever is beside them.

The loud ones

Can you imagine how noisy it already is being stuck in traffic along the highway. Then here comes these loud people talking about their lives and other people? Well, for some, these people may be a huge distraction. But believe it or not, some find it entertaining as it is a distraction to the delay caused by the heavy traffic.

Inconsiderate ones

These are the most annoying people you will encounter on a jeepney ride. These are the types who will not move an inch to share space. Nope, not even a centimeter. These are also the ones who won’t bother to tie their hair even if all of it are in your face.

Now that we’ve mentioned some of the types of people you’d encounter on a jeepney ride, what kind of a jeepney commuter do you think are you? /bmjo

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