How to position yourself for a promotion

By: - October 12, 2020

If you have been at the same job for quite some time now, it is easy to just assume that a promotion will come along for you, like a bonus for time served.

However, you have to do more than log hours to make it into the next level.

There is no denying, many of us would love to be promoted. Ranking-up would mean a salary increase, and more control over your daily tasks just to name a few perks.

But how do you really get promoted? Is it out of our grasp?
The decision to be promoted may come from your boss or the organization entirely, but by proactively pursuing a promotion, this increases your chances of getting one.

What is the best step to get promoted? Well, It boils down to one thing: Proactively acting in a way that will warrant you a promotion.

Qualities needed to get a promotion

While promotion is not just handed out because you want them, you also need to earn your promotion by taking measures that are promotable.

Still confused? Here are the qualities you need to display to be seriously considered by the management for a promotion.

1. Exceed expectations

Although this might sound obvious, if you are not performing above-average in your job,then it is nearly impossible to be promoted.

Let’s put our focus here first. Being good at your job is not enough, especially during these trying times when companies are struggling to keep business in operation.

However, this is the best time to step-up!

Being good at your job just shows that you are good at your current job. You need to prove that you can be good at a bigger job and the rest will follow.

While it might not be handed overnight, given the current business, stepping-up in work performance leaves a lasting impression on your supervisors. And when a vacancy is open, there is no doubt you’d be among the plausible candidates.

2. Improve and ask for feedback

There is a thin line that separates a high-performing employee and a high-potential employee.

According to Forbes, a global media company that focuses on business, leadership, and lifestyle, a high-performing employee will do his job well, but their performance reviews will look the same every year-round. The same strengths, and the same weaknesses.

On the other hand, a high-potential employee proves to their employers that they do not just excel in the job that they have, but also push themselves to improve. This means that they are open to new and different responsibilities, are not afraid to take bold leaps, and have the ability to master new skills.

High-potential employees actively solicit feedback from co-workers and their boss, understand their weaknesses and learn from them.

Doing these things will leave an impression to your management that you have growth in your mindset, and that’s how you become a high-potential employee.

3. Help your co-workers and treat them with respect

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When you think about getting a promotion, this is not a decision your boss makes in a vacuum. Most organizations require other people’s green-light as well.

And there is no quicker way to burn your chances than by being a snob and making enemies with your co-workers.

Instead, what you need is for people to root for you and be by your side. How?

Simple. Be a good partner! Treat your co-workers with respect, even if they don’t treat you with respect. Help your co-workers when they need it. Even if they struggle with the task and don’t ask for help, offer a small amount of your time to assist them.

This way, you not only show that you value your personal success but also show teamwork and camaraderie among your peers.

4. Be strategic and find solutions


Promotions mean getting more responsibilities in the organization. Even if a promotion is not handed to you yet, the best way to show that you are worthy of that bigger role is to see beyond your daily grind, thinking strategically, and finding solutions that can help the organization.

This means that you have to understand the business you are in and how your role fits in your department and other departments. This empowers you to make strategic suggestions and also shows that you understand the culture your organization is building.

5. Be reliable

Being reliable does not mean that you have to agree with everything your boss has to say. In fact, disagreeing thoughtfully will also help your career.

What we are trying to say is that whenever possible, say yes if it means an expanded scope in your role.

Commit to your task and finish them ahead of schedule if you can.

Although you also need to prioritize smartly, if you have time to spear, you can start taking on new responsibilities and projects outside your core role, this will prove to your boss that you can handle a bigger job, while also building relationships with more people across your organization.

6. Listen and show that you care

One of the best ways to improve yourself, and form great relationships with others, and to become more strategic, is to actively listen and show that you care; not only with your co-workers but the organization in general.

By showing that you care for the organization’s wellbeing, this implies that you have a strong dedication to your job and to the company as well, the qualities needed to be an effective leader.

7. Do what’s right always: Honesty and integrity

While this seems like a no brainer, being honest in your work and showing integrity makes a team successful.

When you look closely at great leaders, we’ll see these consistent character traits in them — Integrity and Honesty.

Leaders model integrity by doing what they say and doing what is right no matter the circumstances. Having integrity means putting personal agendas aside to focus on the greater good of your company and the people it serves.

Most importantly…

8. Have the courage to speak up

There is a misconception that you need to dominate every conversation you are in to prove to everyone that you are a leader.

In reality, the exact opposite is true. When you repeatedly hold your tongue, your team is left to assume about your thoughts and never know how you actually feel and what

your stance is on a particular situation. If you’re eager to create more influence, foster a stronger reputation, and make a difference on your team, speaking up (appropriately, of course) is a surefire way to get
noticed in a good way.

While there is no guarantee of getting a promotion since ultimately is within the decision of your company, let this article serve as your guide on how to position yourself for a promotion sooner rather than later.

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