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Celebrating Oktoberfest from home? Check out these ‘pulutan’ choices

By: - October 23, 2020

The month of October is best known for its Halloween festivities. However, it’s not just the Halloween preparations that most people are excited about.

For Filipinos who are fond of drinking a social elixir called beer, it’s the annual Oktoberfest that they look forward to the most.

Sadly, because of the global health crisis, Oktoberfest 2020, the festivity that is often associated with beers and parties, was canceled.

But you can still celebrate Oktoberfest at home? You could always share an ice-cold bottle of beer with friends or family at the comforts of our own home!

And since celebrating Oktoberfest is not complete without good food, check out some of the best beer matches that you could consider.

1.) Chicharon from Carcar


Chicharon is enjoyed for its crunchy texture and savory taste | CDN Stock Photo

Chicharon, or pork crackling, is one of the most common “pulutan” that many Filipinos enjoy. While most are familiar with the taste of a usual chicharon, if you want to try the best, the chicharon made in Carcar City in southern Cebu should be your choice. True to its name of being the Chicharon Capital of the Philippines, the Chicharon in Carcar is a delight because of its wonderful crunchy goodness and delectable taste. Best served with spicy vinegar on the side, you’ll find yourself chowing it non-stop. Just be sure to eat with moderation.

2.) Sisig


Sisig is traditionally made from all the good parts of a pig’s head | CDN Stock Photo

This highly popular dish is rarely absent on the table during drinking sessions. With many variations like pork, tuna, and chicken, everyone enjoys this dish, especially when served on a hot sizzling plate. Upon serving, add mayo, squeeze a kalamansi over the plate, top it with egg, mix all the ingredients, and you’ll get a savory pulutan to pair with your ice-cold beer.

3.) Kinilaw

Photo of Kinilaw

Kinilaw is also referred to as Philippine ceviche due to its similarity to the Latin American dish. | CDN Stock Photo

Known as a popular appetizer in the Philippines, kinilaw is also a popular “pulutan” among beer-loving individuals.

Prepared with a raw fish of your choice (usually tanigue or tuna), mixed with vinegar, onions, and kalamansi or lemon, the dish is not cooked with heat but is rather cured in vinegar along with the tartness of kalamansi. Kinilaw is the best choice accompaniment to beer for those who love its refreshing tangy and savory taste.

4.) Adobong Mani

Adobong mani is a popular pulutan and Filipino street food made out of fried peanuts infused with lots of garlic. | CDN Stock Photo

With its salty and garlicky taste, adobong mani (sauteed peanuts) is a delicious snack when paired with a cold beer.  Sautee the peanuts with garlic, salt, and chilis and you’ll get to enjoy a beer chow that can serve as an alternative to an expensive “pulutan.”

You could always share an ice-cold bottle of beer with friends or family at the comforts of our own home!

5.) Crispy Pata

Photo of a dish called Crispy Pata

Crispy pata is a well-loved Filipino dish that makes use of the pork’s leg. | CDN Stock Photo

Cebuanos’ really love pork as a beer match, that’s why it’s no wonder that crispy pata made it into this list. Acknowledged as a well-loved pulutan by many, this Filipino dish is made from pork leg that is simmered in spices and is deep-fried to achieve a crisp and crunchy texture on the outside and tender meat on the inside. While Crispy Pata is usually reserved only during special occasions, as the dish takes some time to prepare, it’s always present in every inuman sessions.


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