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FACES OF CEBU: Arnold Ortega Fiestas, 43, man behind ‘CEBU Bisikleta SHOTS’


CEBU CITY, Philippines— The trails on the mountains of Cebu have been the go-to places of cycling enthusiasts ever since.

Why do we know this? Simply because social media has allowed us to somehow be with these bikers through their photos.

We could thank Arnold Ortega Fiestas for this.

Fiestas, a 43-year-old cycling enthusiast from Barangay Apas here, is one of the many people who take photos of bikers along the TransCentral Highway in Barangay Busay.

He is the photographer behind the Facebook page “CEBU Bisikleta SHOTS”.  The page shares photos of bikers taken by Fiestas on his own biking trip to the mountain roads on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

“I like capturing the action of those people with the same hobby like mine,” said Fiestas.

The page, which Fiestas made last September 11, 2020, already has 3,800 likes as of November 8, 2020.

Fiestas said he has been biking for six years. He came up with this idea because he wanted to show his support to the people who love biking and encourage them to continue their healthy practices and to always keep smiling.

“It’s my way of supporting and promoting the biking community here in Cebu,” Fiestas said.

He finds it amusing that since he started to create the page, he has already been friends with some of the bikers who he took photos of.

Biking has been a hit during the pandemic since it became an alternative mode of transportation when public transportation was suspended due to the threat of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

And thanks to guys like Fiestas, it looks like cycling is here to stay for quite some time.


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