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Some causes of road accidents and how to prevent them

Accidents happen anywhere and at any given time of the day. The road is among the most common places where accidents happen due to several factors like overspeeding or a high number of vehicles on the road.

Aside from that, people, animals crossing, and infrastructure on the road also contribute to road accidents.

How common do road accidents happen in the country? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 1.3 million people, who died due to road accidents every year and with more than 12,000 Filipinos died due to road-related accidents in 2019.

As concern of the number of road accidents in the country and the world grows, agencies are committed to find ways to prevent more accidents and cut these numbers by half.

These actions include imposing the laws on road safety such as Child Safety in Motor, and the passage of the Anti-Distracted Driving Act and the implementation of the “No Jaywalking” policies and the wearing of helmets of motorcycle riders.

While we seem to have the notion that road-related accidents this year might lessen due to work-from-home policies and reduce, if not control the number of vehicles running off the road, irresponsible drivers and pedestrians put a mark on the tally despite movement restrictions.

To better understand this scenario, let us look closely at the most common causes of road accidents and how we can prevent them to help save lives and keep our roads safe. 


1. Overspeeding

Overspeeding is one of the common causes of road-related accidents. It is not only because there are no police officers or traffic enforcers designated to catch overspeeding drivers, but also, some drivers are not really aware of the speed limits in certain areas.

We do sometimes go beyond the speed limit at one time or another especially to avoid rush hour and get caught in traffic during peak hours. But we should always drive responsibly and always follow speed limits to avoid road accidents.

2. Driving under the influence of alcohol

Night outs and drinking alcohol with family, friends, or even our co-workers are a common pastime especially during the weekend as a way to bond among peers.

There is nothing wrong when you bond with your friends over a beer, however, alcohol-infused beverages lower your level of alertness and focus, and worse makes you drowsy or fall asleep in the middle of driving.

If you plan on drinking, then don’t drive. It would be safer to have someone drive for you or you commute or you take a cab and arrive home safely.

3. Bad Overtaking

If you have been driving for a long time and have taken on long drives often, then you might have passed by road accidents caused by bad overtaking or motorists nearly getting hit by an oncoming vehicle when he overtakes another vehicle.

This is pretty common especially in rural areas because motorists fail to estimate the distance and time when they try to overtake another motorist. 

A common mistake when overtaking a vehicle that can lead to accidents is when the driver fails to give the right signal to those in front of him as well as those at the back of him.

There is nothing wrong when you overtake, especially when there is an emergency. However, a responsible driver not only follows traffic rules, but he also provides the right communication and signals among other drivers to prevent accidents.

4. Bad Turning

Let’s be honest, most of us are not so keen on using the turn signal or use it but only when it is already too late.

The recommended time to switch the turn signal on is at least 30 meters before your turning point. This way, it gives the car at your back the chance to slow down to avoid accidents. Failure to do so causes collision or worst, a collision of multiple cars.

Be attentive and provide the right signal to the ones at your back, and always remember to be at the right lane when you try to turn. You don’t want to turn your car while running in the middle!  

5. Jaywalking

Lastly, road accidents not just happen because of driver errors, but also because of some people on foot or pedestrians. Jaywalking is the common scenario of why people get hit by a car.  

Instead of waiting and using designated pedestrian lanes or overpasses, others choose to take on the high-road and cross the street anywhere they desire.

While minimal cars are now on the road, it is always best to follow traffic rules no matter what the situation may be. 

While we can never really predict when a road accident will happen, it is best that drivers and pedestrians follow safety rules and follow them diligently to avoid injuries and accidents./dbs

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