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Here are some easy things to keep you moving and active


CEBU CITY, Philippines—With the pandemic overpowering the year 2020, a lot of us have strayed away from getting into physical activities even in our homes or in our community.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), they urge everyone to continue staying active even during these trying times.

Before the pandemic took place WHO has been encouraging everyone to stay active and do physical activities for one’s health.

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Now, that times are different, there are still fun activities people can do in their homes or in their community that will minimize risks of contracting the virus. These include:

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Yoga— this is not just a practice of stretching and strength, but a practice of breathing and meditating so one can gravitate toward positivity and happiness. Yoga can be done in a group or can be done alone. This exercise will awaken your muscles and surprise you with how powerful the body and mind are once you focus on one thing.

Jogging— jogging around your neighborhood for an hour or two hours a day will regulate your blood flow and will let you into a happier mood the entire day.

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Biking— this is a much more physical activity that requires you to go outside of your community and traverse challenging roads or trails with other bikers along the way.  You can always bike in groups but remember to practice health protocols to continue having fun while biking.

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Zumba— you don’t really need a big group to do Zumba, all you need is good music, with an online instructor that is ready to guide you through your Zumba class everyday.

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Jump rope— this is the new trend for health enthusiasts out there, jump rope is good for your cardio and you don’t really need a group to do it, you can do it in your home with the right kind of space for you to do simple jump rope or do some tricks.

With or without COVID-19 everyone is encouraged to practice physical activities for as long as they can so to stimulate their bodies and awaken their muscles. /dbs

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