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Phantom of the Opera-themed wedding video catches attention online

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Sing for me!

This is one of the shortest lines but the most striking uttered by the Phantom in the classic musical Phantom of the Opera.

And just like this line, a couple in Cebu is bringing online kilig to a different level with their prenup video inspired by The Phantom of the Opera.

John Nicholas and Edinnel Migalbin are both self-confessed music lovers and wanted to make their wedding prenup theme close to their hearts.

“We both love phantom of the opera movie.  Also, we’re both into music so we wanted something different than the usual acoustic jamming sessions that we have,” said Edinnel.

In the video, The Temple of Leah was again transformed into a dreamy location for this video shoot.

It was easy for the couple to embody the Phantom and Christine as they are big fans of the movie musical.

And this prenup shoot is just but a teaser to what netizens could expect to be a wedding ceremony that would be nothing short of special and magical. /rcg




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