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Signs that you are in an unrequited love situation



Here are signs of you being in an unrequited love situation. In photo is a man kissing an uninterested woman in the cheeks at a dinner table.

CEBU CITY, Philippines— One-sided love.

Did your heart skip a beat when you read that first line?

Do you want to know if you are in an unrequited love situation?

This might be a hard read but hang in there and learn the signs of unrequited love.

Ready? Read on.

You initiate— ALWAYS. You always initiate the things to do, the first to say sorry, the first to say hello, and good night. And even with the big things, you are always the one who says sorry.

You support them but they don’t support you— you are there showing nothing but all-out support, and here comes your partner questioning everything you go after. That’s not what love looks like.

You look needy— when you try and ask for something so basic, like affection, love, and reassurance, they make it look like you are too whiny and needy.

You can’t open up— emotionally you are not comfortable showing them how you truly feel. What has been bothering you and what has been going on in your mind? You just can’t share it because you know they are not interested.

You apologize— even if you are not at fault, you apologize anyway for the fear of not being able to rekindle your relationship again.

If these things are familiar to you, stop and think if you still want this kind of relationship.

Ask yourself, do I deserve to be treated like this?


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