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Things delivery riders go through in a day


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Even before the pandemic, these unsung heroes have been making some of our lives easier by delivering not just food but essential parcels to us.

They brave the uncertainty of not knowing where to go and carrying a large sum of money to make ends meet.

Today, let us think of them and get to know a few of their stories.

They wait for orders— not just in the stores, but on the streets or anywhere they can park to wait for order confirmation before heading out to the stores. They wait by the stores near them or by a tree on the side of the road to shield them from the rain or sunlight. They wait for orders longer than they deliver them sometimes.

Don’t eat on time— unlike their customers, who demand to make their orders arrive on time, they don’t get to choose this luxury with their kind of work. They eat when they can and stop when an order is confirmed. They eat fast for us to enjoy our meals.

Brave extreme weather— may it be the harsh heat or the heavy downpour, you see them braving the streets just to get to your order on time or deliver your parcel on time and intact. In our country, it does not usually rain, so they have this constant battle with the heat of the sun.

Endure traffic—they don’t just endure bad weather or bossy customers, but they too have to endure the traffic situation here in our country. This is out of their control and sometimes, we, as customers need to understand them when they say they were stuck in traffic.

Get lost—even with technology, some places are just hard to find especially for riders who are just starting. Guide them if they ask you and allow them to navigate your location first before you try and reprimand them.

Get bad reviews— sometimes, a lot of riders get bad reviews for delivering it late or for damaged goods, but some of these things aren’t even their fault in the first place. Get to know their story before rating them, because that affects their performance rating and the chance to be kicked out of a job.

Pranked— some of us find joy in the misery of others, they get pranked all the time. They spend their hard-earned cash for a person’s prank. They don’t deserve to be played around just like that. They are not subjects for our amusements. They are people trying to make a living. Respect that.

Delivery riders get to make their customers happy by delivering goods and food.

Starting today, practice the habit of making them happy too by simply appreciating them and sending “thank you” messages and wish them safety for the day.

A little tip can go a long way too.


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