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A funeral and graduation for the dearly departed in Tabogon, Cebu

CEBU CITY, Philippines—  A family in Barangay Libjo, Tabogon, Cebu did a simple graduation ceremony for Hemenz Luzada who passed away in his sleep last June 25, 2021.

Vanesa Encila, a close friend of Luzada was the one who shared the video online last July 4, 2021, right before Luzada’s burial.

According to Encila, Luzada was a working student taking up Bachelor of Science major in Financial Management and is set to graduate this month.

“Saksi kos ganahn mahitabo niya. Ganahan siya na makasaka ug stage iyaha mama ug papa ug proud pud siya kay siya ang unang maka graduate sa managsuon niya,” said Encila.

In order to honor her friend’s wishes, she decided to hold a simple graduation ceremony for Luzada with his family.


In order to finance his studies and help his family, Luzada worked as a service crew and as a food delivery rider.  He is also a member of the Mio i 125 club that extends help to those in need in Cebu.

“Si Hemenz kugihan, sige rag tingsi , hinagdanon, kung naay event sa ilaha like bday siya magpatapok. Matinabangon ug walay bisyo,” she added.

This simple graduation ceremony will surely make Luzada happy wherever he may be now. /rcg

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