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Photo editor gives us a glimpse of Cebu City with no tangled wires

CEBU CITY, Philippines— What would Cebu City look like with no tangled wires hanging from utility posts? 

Dimple Navarroza, a photo editor based in Cebu City, gives us a glimpse of how the streets would look like minus the eye-sore “spaghetti wires” hanging via her edited photos of some places in the city. 

And her photos are getting netizens’ attention.

In an interview with CDN Digital, Dimple said that she saw a post online showing an area in Davao City with subterranean wiring.

“Looking at some photos from Davao without those wires looks really good. As a photo editor, [I just tried to] edit to see [what]  Cebu [will look like] without those tangled wires,” she said. 

NO WIRES! 😍LOOK: Photo editor Dimple Navarroza recreates some areas in Cebu City to show what it would look like…

Posted by CDN Digital on Monday, February 21, 2022

Based on her photos, Cebu City’s downtown area never looked so good! 

In the post of CDN Digital, we asked netizens if they would agree to remove all the tangled electric wires hanging and place them underground. 

Here are some of their sentiments they shared:

No tangled wires
These edited photos may be appealing to our eyes, but there are still a lot of things to do be done and to be considered before a city can shift to subterranean wiring.

But this is something we all can look forward to as the government recently got a proposal for subterranean utility tunnels.



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