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Beauty queen, model Maureen Wroblewitz shares how she beat sadness

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Miss Universe Philippines 2021 first runner-up Maureen Wroblewitz has had her fair share of down days. 

In her Instagram post, she shared that lately, she said she felt like she did not want to do anything and just allow sadness to win. 

But she found joy and freedom once again by going out more. 

In fact, she even tried training for motocross.

Yes, it is totally out of her character to be riding a motorcycle and getting down and dirty given that she is a beauty queen and an international model. 

But Maureen wanted to break free, and she did! 

“After being in a depressive state for a few months, I have reached a point when I have forgotten what happiness feels like. The things I used to enjoy, stopped bringing me joy. I was stuck at home, not in the mood to do anything. I had chosen rather to dwell in my sadness. Any time someone asked me when I was last happy, it would make me cry because I couldn’t remember. I realized, I didn’t want to stay this way, I realized something needed to change. I decided I had to get out of the house more, try out new things that could eventually bring me joy. I tried out motocross but I left the training feeling frustrated because I wasn’t good at it,” she said. 

But  beauty queen said she learned something from being frustrated in motocross. She just learned to let go and just have fun and feel happy again.

As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, letting go is never easy. But it will always be a great help as we journey on in life.

“I’ve come to understand that it isn’t about being good at something because you can always learn, always improve. The moment I saw it as letting go and having fun, was when I truly enjoyed it. If you’re a perfectionist and competitive like me, let me tell you this: Life is not a competition, hobbies aren’t either. You don’t always need to be perfect at doing something but as long as it makes you happy, that should be enough,” she added. 

Keep going, Maureen!



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