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Drew Arellano shares another happy father moment with Astro

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Drew Arellano’s youngest son, Astro is making hearts melt online after this video posted by Arellano. 

In the video, Astro was carried by his mother, Iya Villania Arellano to be put to sleep when Drew decided to take a video of this simple but precious moment. 

To their surprise, Astro knew he had to put up a show to make his parents proud, especially his dad, Drew. 

With his eyes closed, all of a sudden this little heartthrob smiled which will surely be filed under “one of dad’s happy moments” for Drew. 

‘FUTURE HEARTTHROB’ 😍😜WATCH: Drew Arellano uploaded a video of his wife, Iya Villania, and their new born son, Astro. In the video, you will see how this little guy will make hearts melt. Make sure to watch till the end. 😉 🎥: Drew Arellano/IG via Immae Lachica #CDNDigital

Posted by CDN Digital on Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The Arellanos’ celebrity friends hopped in this cute video by sending in their comments on Drew’s IG post. 

What a great way to jumpstart the celebration of Father’s Day this year for Drew! 

Keep smiling, Astro!  /rcg 


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