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VisayasMed declares July as CME Appreciation Month

By: - July 11, 2022

Visayas Medical Hospital (VMH) has officially declared July as the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Appreciation Month.

With the theme “Creating the 21st Century VMH Physician: Evolution Outside the Curriculum,” the declaration was spearheaded by VMH CEO Mr. Leopoldo Amistoso Jr., MDO Dr. Maritzie Eribal, and Director of OCME Dr. Dax Ronal O. Librado. Some hospital staff were also present at the inauguration held on July 7, 2022.   

In the same event, VMH also launched OCME’s digital newsletter “Medisina” and unveiled the CME logo.

VisayasMed CEO Mr. Leopoldo Amistoso Jr. delivered his speech during the inauguration of CME Appreciation Month on July 7, 2022. | Photo by Christian Orellano

OCME supports the development of residents in training and postgraduate interns through a five residency training program that include internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics-gynecology, and family and community medicine.

These programs have respective specialty accreditation boards, and for years now, these have been producing a number of specialists who have carved their way to be successful in their field of practice.

With the residency program in place, VMH also has a postgraduate training program accredited by the Association of Philippine Medical College Inc. for graduates coming from the different medical schools who wanted to pursue a 12-month rotation before taking the Philippine Licensure Exam (PLE).

VisayasMed OCME Director Dr. Dax Ronald O. Librado, CEO Mr. Leopoldo Amistoso Jr., and MDO Dr. Maritzie R. Eribal led the unveiling of CME’s new logo. | Know more about VisayasMed here

With the current rebranding of the hospital, it is repositioning the direction of OCME and the overall plan of VMH’s new Medical Director, Dr. Eribal. 

Dr. Eribal said the road map of the educational training now will pivot on a new mission, which is to advance healthcare professionals (residents, consultants, PGIs, and students) along their lifelong learning continuum by providing high-quality professional development opportunities that will enhance their ability to provide excellent physician training and patient care. 

“The new VisayasMed team, management, and employees are now geared toward capacity building and capability enhancement, which is primarily anchored on the competency of our team. We put premium effort on OCME because moving forward, that’s how we can ensure the competency of our healthcare providers,” Amistoso said.

VisayasMed OCME’s digital newsletter “Medisina” staff posed for a photo opt during the inauguration of CME Appreciation Month on July 7, 2002, which was also the official launching of the digital newsletter. | Photo by Christian Orellano

Under the new OCME, the pedagogical approach to learning will be restructured. The new curriculum, which all specialty programs have shifted towards outcome-based education. With this approach, the core values of the institution matter in changing the culture to adapt to the challenges of medical training. Values education is inculcated in all curricula, which is why psychological safety is a priority for all within the learning environment at VMH.

“Pivoting the CME towards more or less the holistic approach for all employees in the hospital is one big push for us to move around VMH’s quality standards. OCME can do that because we already have enough trainees and residents to translate all our training to our employees,” Dr. Librado said.

“Reposition means we are looking forward not on the same level as other hospitals of what they are doing now. But we are looking into more collaboration, partnership, and cooperation with other training programs outside of the country,” he added.

VisayasMed OCME Director Dr. Dax Ronald O. Librado welcomed guests during the declaration of CME Appreciation Month on July 7, 2022. | Photo by Christian Orellano

This year’s postgraduate internship program has made a significant stride in the structure and the blending of current residency skills and enhancement of andragogy teaching from their ONE medical education program outcomes. The bridging program was created as a scaffolding strategy to improve PGI training.

This improved immersion in the program as new educational products of learning was created to suit the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor aspects of their training development. 

The installation and creation of the Resident Faculty Council (RFC) have been the main training arm of OCME in the residency training, postgraduate internship bridging program, and allied professionals. This has been the driver of the teaching services to implement the following educational programs: Medical Backyard series lecture, Advanced Cardiac life support, and basic life support skill training, Procedural training skills, PLE review board, to name a few. 

VisayasMed MDO Dr. Maritzie R. Eribal discussed the importance of CME to the hospital’s health care professionals during the CME Appreciation Month celebration. | Photo by Christian Orellano

Other approaches are centered on the postgraduate internship bridging program through the creation of committees to provide activities that will develop leadership, communication and presentation skills, and management skills. The bridging program is a pathway to a residency program for VisayasMed.

A lot are installed for the OCME—faculty development programs for the trainers and future collaborations of training institutions from abroad with OCME, including adopting communities for the training services of community extension. 

Formerly the Visayas Community Medical Center, Visayas Med is the first of three hospitals acquired by the AppleOne Medical Group (AMG), the healthcare arm of Cebu-based property developer AppleOne Properties, Inc. (API).

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