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Easy and affordable corporate transportation service launches in Cebu

By: , - September 28, 2022

The decision of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) central office to allow another round of fare hikes, effective October 4, 2022, will affect commuters, drivers, and operators in Cebu. Those who will be significantly affected include employees commuting public transportation inbound and outbound to work. 

The daily commute becomes even more challenging with the increased fare and many people taking time off indoors. This is when an efficient yet affordable employee transportation service becomes vital to accommodate employees on their way to work and back home. 

Office Partners 360 (OP360) believes that employee well-being is a core corporate culture. That is why they partnered with SWAT Mobility, a Singaporean smart mobility firm, to make employee transportation hassle-free, safer, and cost-effective through a tech-enabled transportation service, “Mobility”.

OP360 Chief Administrative Officer David Highbloom said, “Being a people-first company is an integral part of our employer brand, and we are happy to offer ‘OP360 Mobility’ for our community as a long-term solution to help meet our people’s transportation needs.”

Hagibis Venture Inc. (HVI), Cebu Trip Rent-a-Car, OP360, and SWAT Mobility executives posed for a photo opportunity as they launch “Mobility” employee transportation services last September 16, 2022. | Learn more about Mobility here

Its official launch last September 16, 2022, in Cebu City was led by the executives of OP360 and SWAT Mobility with its partners, including Cebu Trip Rent-a-Car and Hagibis Venture Inc. (HVI).

Guests and employees also graced the event.

As one of the first partners of SWAT Mobility in the Visayas, OP360 employees attended the launching of the “Mobility” corporate shuttle service last September 16, 2022. | Get in touch

App-Enabled Mode of Transportation

“Mobility” as a brand is a new model of corporate employee transportation that operates on a pay-per-ride basis for employees. It is offered exclusively to employees of partner companies as an app-enabled corporate employee shuttle service.

The transportation service aims to address commuting problems for employees, such as transfers and long wait times, with direct transportation service from home to the office (and vice versa). Employees can book rides to their office and back home via a mobile commuter app. 

Affordable Employee Shuttle Service

Fares are reasonable as they are computed based on air distance, unlike most ride-hailing services, which typically charge based on actual road distance traveled. While the company shoulders the typical employee shuttles’ fare, employees have to pay their fares for every ride they book with the service. 

However, ride fares can be paid through salary deductions or via a digital wallet-linked app, depending on their arrangement with their company.

This “Mobility” service will benefit industries and businesses with large employee headcount reporting on-site—such as BPO, manufacturing, and FMCG companies—by reducing employees’ multimodal commute to one close-loop private service at a reasonable price.

Dynamic Routing and Tracking

“Mobility” was introduced as an employee transportation service delivered with local implementation partner HVI and fleet operator Cebu Trip Rent-a-Car.

The Mobility corporate commuter service is jointly delivered by: Cebu-based fleet operator, Cebu Trip Rent-a-Car local implementation partner, Hagibis Ventures, Inc. (HVI), and technology provider, SWAT Mobility. | Got questions?

SWAT Mobility renders its award-winning algorithm for dynamic routing and tracking. At the same time, HVI modifies the service to suit the local culture and terrain with a human-centric design. The shuttle service is exclusively operated in Cebu by Cebu Rent-a-Car.

Why Consider ‘Mobility’ for Your Employees?

With “Mobility”, companies increase convenience for their employees and improve visibility by using digitalized dashboards to monitor the service and get real-time updates.


Employees using the shuttle service will benefit from increased convenience and comfort through guaranteed seats, easy-to-manage rides, and instant travel tracking on the app. SWAT Mobility’s algorithm determines the most efficient route to ensure safety and on-time arrival via close-to-door services from the main road closest to the home to the entrance of the office building. 

Learn more about “Mobility” by visiting https://hagibis.ph/service_mobility/ or calling +63908 872 5350

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