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Choose you this Christmas season 

Choose you this Christmas season and have peace of mind as a best gift you give yourself this holiday season. file photo


CEBU CITY, Philippines— This Christmas season, allow yourself to create a safe distance from the the people or situation that does not serve you.  And gift yourself this Christmas with peace of mind and positive vibes to move forward or enjoy the holidays without ever to worry about the people around you.

Distance yourself from the people who: 

  • Use you— we maybe an instrument for them to learn or be better, but if you feel like that someone is not deserving of your energy, let them go. Don’t let people use you to just leave you. 
  • Lie to you— small or big, lies are lies. It is okay to be trusting to someone or certain people, but if you allow them to lie to you once, be ready that they will do it again. You deserve to be surrounded by people who are real to you. 
  • Disrespect you— respect begets respect. Never allow yourself to be disrespected by people whom you respect. Never disrespect others, stand your ground and just allow yourself to leave the table. 
  • Doubt you— you don’t need others to make you feel secure of your life, don’t allow their opinions about you or your life bring you down. Don’t allow their doubts to rule over you. 

Surround yourself with the people who brings out the best in you.

Having peace of mind and doing away with negative people by keeping your distance from them can be a great gift to you this Christmas. | CDN Digital stock photo (File photo)

This Christmas season give yourself the biggest gift, peace of mind and choose you this time.


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