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Exploring Malapascua Island: Where to go and what to do

The view from one of the resorts located in Bounty Beach, Malapascua Island. | Wenilyn Sabalo

CEBU CITY, Philippines — When in Malapascua Island, the first thing that would come to mind is to take a dip on the island’s crystal clear waters.

Malapascua that is located off mainland Daanbantayan town takes pride of its white sand beaches.

Adventure seekers, who love to dive, will surely have the best time of their life as they experience a close encounter with its thresher and tiger sharks, among others.

Divers, underwater photographers and enthusiasts also get to feast their eyes on the island’s marine resources that include beautiful corals and rock formations.

Indeed, Malapascua Island is the perfect destination for those who wanted to just chill or those who are looking for the best underwater adventure.

Where to stay?

When on the island, the first thing that you must do is find a suitable place to stay.

According to Logon Barangay Captain Lemuel Daño, the island has about 40 resorts that you can chose from.  The decision where to stay is up to you and would depend on your budget, of course.

One of the resorts on the southern side of the island. | Doris C. Bongcac

If you are tight on budget, you could always consider staying in budget ins.  Room rates start at 499 per night.

Daño said there are also some islanders who are said to offer “home stay” to travellers, but he could not account for these since these are not registered with the barangay.

If you prefer to stay in resorts, you could get a room for as low as P1,200 per night for a single-bed accommodation with fan or P1,500 per night for two travelers in a standard air-conditioned room with complimentary breakfast.

Deluxe room accommodation range from P2, 200 to P4, 500.  You could also pay for an extra bed for your other companion.

Those travelling in groups can opt for resort accommodation of P7, 000 per night for four people in an air-conditioned room with a veranda with a garden view and complimentary breakfast.

What to do when on the island?

When you are settled, you then start to decide what fun activities you would want to experience during your stay.

Never miss to go diving.

Some resorts offer diving packages to guests. | Wenilyn Sabalo

Dive shops and some of the resorts on the island offer dive packages that would range from P2,000 to as much as P7, 200 depending on the numbers of dives that you wanted to avail of and spots that you want to visit.

Just make sure to contact legitimate organizations or individuals, especially those that are connected with the island’s 33 registered dive shops,  to refrain from getting scammed.

Tourists go snorkeling on the waters near the “shipwreck.” | Doris C. Bongcac

If you do not know how to dive, you can always go snorkeling.  The location of the shipwreck is a favorite destination for snorkeling.

According to barangay captain Daño a Japanese ship sunk in the area after it was bombarded by Spanish soldiers.

When there is very low tide, Daño said, parts of the ship are visible from a distance.

A guests tries kayaking on the waters of Malapascua Island. | Wenilyn Sabalo

Another fun adventure that you should never miss is kayaking.  You can rent a kayak from resorts here for a fee of at least P200 per hour.

Fun under the sun

You can also go get that beach bum by just spending time under the sun to get your desired tan.

Try to order a very cold drink or your favorite refreshment from the resort or from a nearby sari-sari store so you will have something to sip as you enjoy the cool sea breeze.

Tourists taking a nap and sun bathing in Langub Beach.| Photo by Wenilyn Sabalo

Some resorts on the island also offer a place to stay for those who are on workcation.  They have a comfortable place with power supply and of course free wifi.

Just don’t expect too much because signal could be a problem at times.

Resorts also have a place to stay for those who are on workcation.

Guests can also enjoy a good view of the sunset on the island’s northern side.

A couple strolls on the beach to enjoy the sunset. | Wenilyn Sabalo

Island Tour

And if you still have time, you can always book an island tour with your family or friends.

One resort here offers a P1,400 island tour rate per person. The package covers three hours of a pump boat ride that would take you to famous destinations that include the Japanese shipwreck, Coral Garden, a dive with the Baby Black Tip Shark and a quick visit at the nearby Dakitdakit Island.

The package already includes snorkeling, use of floaters, and marine fee.

You can also book an island tour like this foreign tourists. | Doris C. Bongcac

Some of the resorts on Malapascua also offer a side trip to Kalanggaman Island located in Palompon, Leyte for P1,500 per head that already include lunch.  The amount, however, still does not include the island fee.


Be prepared to spend when you start to crave for something to eat.  Food is somewhat costly when on the island because they purchase most of their supplies from mainland Daanbantayan.

Daño said there are at least 23 registered restaurants here and most of these are located in the resorts.

A cheaper option is to dine in eateries that are found at the public market. For P100, you will already have a cup of rice sold at P30, pork chop at P50 and a bottle of soft drink at P20.

One of the eateries at the island’s public market. | Wenilyn Sabalo

And to finally wrap up your island experience, don’t miss to visit stores that sell souvenirs.

Brenda Baguio, a souvenir vendor, sells bracelets made from small shells at P30 each and her necklaces are sold at P100 each. She also has other items that you may want to check out.


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