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How Bea Alonzo, Dominic Roque’s romance came to be

Bea Alonzo

Dominic Roque and Bea Alonzo. Image: Instagram/@beaalonzo


Emotions poured in not only from loved ones but also from fans of Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque after the celebrity couple announced that they “decided on forever.”

A lot of people have surely been looking forward to seeing the pair down the aisle. As the waiting begins, here’s a recap of how Bea and Dominic found “the one” in each other.

2015: Bea found Dominic ‘cute’

Bea first noticed Dominic during the Star Magic Games 2015, when the actor was playing badminton with other celebrities including Piolo Pascual.

“Nanonood lang kami no’n tapos nakita ko [si Dominic. Sabi ko], ‘Ang cute no’n. Sino yo’n?’” Bea recalled in a Cosmopolitan interview.

The actress admitted she initially thought that the actor was “way younger than her,” describing him at the time as “bagets.”

2016: Vice Ganda introduced Dominic to Bea

DOninic Roque

Vice Ganda and Dominic Roque

In 2016, Bea would frequently hang out with Vice Ganda, whom the actress described as the “perfect” companion for the single lady that she was.

In one of their dates, Vice Ganda was accompanied by Dominic who admittedly had a huge crush on Bea. The comedian introduced the two actors to each other but having the impression that Dominic was too young for her, Bea merely found his admiration for her “cute.” Nevertheless, this started the friendship between the pair.

Early 2019: Bea and Dominic started hanging out 

The actors were both single at the time and would frequently go out together as friends. Such went on until Bea “started seeing [Dominic] in a different light, all of a sudden.”

November 2019: Bea and Dominic went on a Japan trip

The actress was given a five-day break from shooting and she decided to go to Japan. The night before her flight, Bea received a text message from Dominic, asking if she would push through with her initial plan of spending her break in Zambales. Bea then told him about her out of the country trip, which led to Dominic asking if he could go with her.

“For me, parang tropa mo lang… and I didn’t think that he would go-go with me so sabi ko, ‘Tara!’” Bea narrated.

Image: Instagram/@dominicroque

The pair ended up going to Japan together where they met with their other friends. Bea would later admit that they started “flirting” after having a deep conversation in one of their train rides.

Despite already having mutual romantic feelings for each other, the pair took “more than a year of dating” because Bea did not want to put a label on their relationship right away.

“Parang kami na pero I was so scared to put a label on it and to make it official, kasi nakakahiyang paulit-ulit na nagkakamali in front of the public,” the actress confessed.

“When you would go through a very public breakup—’yung paulit-ulit na public breakup, actually, hindi siya masaya,” she said. “It’s something that you don’t want to go through again.”

July 2020: Dominic seemingly hinted about his romance with Bea

Dating speculations arose when Dominic professed his admiration for Bea Alonzo by showing a throwback photo of them from their Japan trip.

“Tila ako’y nabighani…,” he captioned his post.

July 2021: Bea and Dominic were together in Los Angeles

The public had caught up with the pair’s very private relationship after eagle-eyed fans noticed the similar location on the actors’ Instagram posts, suggesting that the pair went on a vacation together.

It was later confirmed that Bea and Dominic were indeed together in Los Angeles after photos of them attending the baby shower of the actor’s aunt, actress Beth Tamayo, were shared by their friends on social media.

August 2021: Bea confirmed her relationship with Dominic

Bea finally confirmed that she and Dominic are in a relationship through an exclusive interview for the news program “24 Oras.” The actress clarified that she was not hiding their relationship from her fans, and that she was just being “careful” in letting them know because of her “past experience.”

“It wasn’t as if masyado ko siyang pinlano or masyado ako nag-hold back. It just came out naturally,” Alonzo spoke of being with Dominic.

September 2021: Bea considers Dominic to be ‘husband material’

During a guest appearance at the GMA comedy talk show “The Boobay and Tekla Show,” Bea was asked if she sees Roque as someone she would marry in the future.

“At this point in my life, hindi ako papasok sa isang relasyon na hindi naman seryoso. Seryoso naman talaga. So oo, husband material,” she declared.

However, Bea clarified at the time that it was too early for them to settle down as they were still “getting to know each other on a deeper level.”

January 2022: Bea and Dominic marked their first anniversary as couple

The couple celebrated their first anniversary with declarations of love for each other. Bea spoke about how her commitment to the actor was “one of the best decisions [she] has ever made.” Roque, for his part, dedicated to the actress a line from American singer Taylor Swift’s hit romantic song “Lover” that goes, “…And at every table, I’ll save you a seat.”

October 2022: Dominic says he is sure Bea is the one for him

In an interview with comedian Ogie Diaz, Dominic revealed that he sees Bea Alonzo as the one he would settle down with in the future.

“Sure ako kay Bea,” Dominic was quoted as saying.

June 2023: Bea and Dominic were hounded with engagement speculations

Fans were abuzz after Dominic shared a photo of himself with Alonzo during a romantic getaway in Amanpulo, with some speculating that the actor had already popped the question to Bea. The actress later dismissed these rumors as she stressed that it was just a throwback photo and that he has not yet put a ring on it, so to speak.

Dominic reiterated in a separate interview that no engagement proposal had taken place during their Amanpulo trip, but he hinted that it will happen “soon.”

July 2023: Bea said yes to marrying Dominic

Bea Alonzo

| file

Bea was not able to hold back her tears as Dominic surprised her with a wedding proposal while in a photo shoot.

“I want to spend my whole life with you forever and I love you very much. Will you marry me?” Dominic, on bended knee, asked an emotional Bea, who nodded her head in response and rushed to the actor to hug and kiss him.

Bea said that amid the many engagement proposal scenes she has done throughout her acting career, “nothing beats the real thing.”

“Everything went in slow motion. And I felt different emotions all at the same time—joy, excitement, love. I started bawling… But I didn’t want that moment to end. I want this real thing to happen forever… and right then [and] there… In front of the people we love… we decided on forever,” the actress spoke of Dominic’s wedding proposal. EDV

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