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Why is Talisay inasal special?

CEBU CITY, Philippines— As Talisay City celebrates its annual fiesta in honor of its patroness St. Therese of Avila, its inasal, or lechon baboy (roasted pig), once again takes the spotlight.

Talisay City celebrates its Halad-Inasal Festival every October 15, and on this day, the lechon is highlighted as visitors come from different places to try out what is considered as among the best-tasting lechon in Cebu.

So what makes Talisay inasal, or lechon, special?

According to one lechon vendor who has been selling lechon in Talisay for more than 20 years, the secret to why their inasal tastes good is because they use “native” pig.

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“Native man gud ang baboy nga gi gamit— bisaya ba, lahi man gud na kung feeds ang gamit,” she said. (The pig we roast is native, and the feeds used is different.)

Another lechon vendor added that it’s also because their pigs used for lechon are fresh and that there are a lot of spices used to add taste to the lechon.

But is Talisay inasal really good?

Richard, a native of Talisay who just came from buying a kilo of lechon when CDN Digital visited the famous stalls of lechon in barangay Poblacion, said  Talisay lechon is the best for him because it is the original.

He said that Talisay lechon is so good, you can enjoy it even with no sauce.

Students around the area also said that lechon sold in Talisay are tastier because of the spices mixed before roasting. Whatever those spices are, only Talisay lechon makers know. (It’s a secret, of course.)

On Sundays, lechon vendors in Talisay say that they can sell up to 20 whole lechons, while on ordinary days, they sell at least five.

But this coming fiesta, they are expecting to sell more than 20 because of the influx of customers.

The upcoming fiesta will be the 187th fiesta celebration of Halad Inasal Fiesta of Talisay City.

Have you tasted Talisay lechon?



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