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Diego Loyzaga doesn’t believe in marriage: It’s just a piece of paper for me

Diego Loyzaga doesn’t believe in marriage: It’s just a piece of paper for me. | Diego Loyzaga | Image/Toni Talks

Diego Loyzaga | Image/Toni Talks

Actor-model Diego Loyzaga shares his views on marriage where he explained why he did not believe in it.

Loyzaga, who was interviewed in an episode of “Toni Talks,” said that marriage was just a piece of paper for him.

He argued that if a couple tends to agree on everything from the very beginning, why see the need to put it on paper, knowing that along the way it could lead to separation?

“Kunwari lang ha, you and me, we agree on everything. There’s not a spot, piece of line, or paragraph that we don’t agree on. Absolutely everything. A hundred percent. Crystal clear. Why must we now get it written down on a piece of paper and then get someone else to bestow on us the fact that we are now a married couple?” he explained.

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Diego’s reason

“Ang sakin lang kasi is if ever we fight in the future, and it gets to the point na, ‘Ayoko na sa’yo’ and ikaw galit na galit ka na sakin. It’s not a big deal to have to go somewhere and get annulled. Get divorced. Wala tayong divorce. It’s because growing up, I grew up around it so much and I got to see it so much, separation,” Loyzaga further explained.

On the announcement of his daughter

The actor-model also weighed in on how the media tends to ruin special moments when the members of the press beat them to announce some significant milestones in their lives, like when he became a father to his first child.

“That was supposed to be my post. I was supposed to either post about Father’s Day or the best birthday gift ever. Kaso nga lang inunahan ako ng isang, I don’t know if she’s a tabloid writer or whatever here in the Philippines, from announcing,” said Loyzaga.

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Toni Gonzaga agrees

Meanwhile, actress-host Toni Gonzaga also echoed the actor’s sentiments and shared her own experience with some press people, announcing an important life event ahead of her.

“Ganyan sila. Ako rin when I got pregnant with Seve, inunahan rin ako sa pag-aannounce. May mga nangunguna,” said Gonzaga.

“And you can’t get that back. It’s annoying. It’s my moment, and you don’t get it again,” replied the actor.

Loyzaga added, “I was excited. I was ecstatic to post, to be honest. Silang lahat ‘yung ‘wait lang kalma lang’. I was like, ‘Okay, we are in a different country.’ She gave birth in Australia. I knew we were safe. There is nothing to worry about. Walang maleleak. Walang mauuna.”

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Breaking the news first

According to the actor, given that the tabloids beat him to announce the birth of his daughter, it now appears that he just came out or broke the news because someone did it already, and now he should feel urged.

“So now, people think I came out because somebody else leaked the information, but no, not really; someone just ruined my moment, so I had to come out and say it na rin,” argued Loyzaga.

The video jockey also opened up about doing mental health rehab in 2018, revealing his struggle with suicidal attempts and his road to healing, highlighting that it was God who helped him in his journey.

Loyzaga is the son of actress Teresa Loyzaga and actor Cesar Montano. He is known for his roles in the teleseries “Mara Clara,” “Pangako sa ‘Yo” and “Pusong Ligaw,” as well as the movies “The Breakup Playlist,” “Bloody Crayons” and “Mama’s Girl.”

He was last seen in “Will You Be My Ex” with Julia Barretto last June and portrayed the younger version of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. in “Maid in Malacañang” in July.

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