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Family Favorites: Filipino Christmas Delicacies

By: - December 01, 2023

Christmas in the Philippines is a cherished time when families come together to celebrate traditions and create lasting memories. Central to these celebrations are the delightful delicacies that grace Filipino tables, each dish holding its special place in the hearts of families across the country. Here, we present five beloved Filipino Christmas treats that bring joy and warmth to every festive gathering.

With each bite, Filipino families celebrate the warmth, joy, and love that make Christmas in the Philippines truly special.

Family Favorites: Filipino Christmas Delicacies


A Christmas without bibingka is unimaginable for many Filipino families. This traditional rice cake, cooked in clay pots lined with banana leaves, combines rice flour, coconut milk, and sugar. Topped with butter, grated coconut, and salted egg, bibingka’s unique taste symbolizes the essence of the holiday season.

Puto Bumbong

Puto bumbong, with its purple hue and delightful taste, is another cherished Filipino Christmas delight. Made from ground glutinous rice steamed in bamboo tubes, it is served with grated coconut, butter, and muscovado sugar. Enjoyed after attending Simbang Gabi, this sweet treat adds a magical touch to Christmas festivities.


Lechon, a star of Filipino celebrations, also takes center stage during Christmas gatherings. This roast pig, seasoned with aromatic spices and herbs, boasts crispy skin and tender, flavorful meat. Its presence on the holiday table signifies joyous feasts and cherished moments with loved ones.

Christmas Ham

Filipino-style Christmas ham, often glazed with a sweet pineapple sauce, holds a special place in holiday traditions. Sliced thinly and served as the centerpiece for Noche Buena, its sweet and savory flavors perfectly complement the festive spirit of the season.

Fruit Salad

No Filipino Christmas feast is complete without the beloved fruit salad. A delightful mix of canned fruit cocktails, cream, condensed milk, and cheese, this creamy dessert symbolizes unity and the joy of sharing sweet moments with family.

These five Filipino Christmas delicacies are more than just food—they’re a testament to the love and togetherness shared among families during this festive time. As these dishes grace the holiday tables, they not only bring flavors that tantalize the taste buds but also create cherished memories that linger for a lifetime.

Family Favorites: Filipino Christmas Delicacies

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