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FACES OF CEBU: Mariel Bogert, 18, promising Cebuana beauty

CEBU CITY, Philippines – The Queen City of the South is renowned as the powerhouse of all things delightful.

From scrumptious Cebuano delicacies to the breathtaking scenes from north to southern Cebu, choosing Cebu ensures a whirlwind of new experiences.

Among these new experiences are stories of Cebuanos that resonate with the hearts of every Filipino. One recent tale in the spotlight is the story of Cebu’s promising beauty, Mariel Bogert.

She captured the attention of many, particularly during her debut on one of Cebu’s grandest festival stages, Pasigarbo sa Sugbo, and in the recently concluded Sinulog sa Sugbo Philippines Festival Queen 2024.


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Just like any other story out there, Bogert’s story has its ups and downs but still contains the uniqueness of her journey that she is more willing to share.

Who is Mariel Bogert?

Eighteen-year-old Mariel Carumba Bogert is the daughter of a Dutch-German dad and a Filipino mom, and originates from the Heritage City of the South, Carcar City. She is presently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics degree at the University of San Carlos (USC).

Beyond her endeavors in the pageant industry, she expresses her dedication to establishing herself in the field of nutrition. Moreover, she remains open to the prospect of venturing into businesses soon.

“I just wanna do a business, and explore more about the world and nutrition, and everything, ’cause I’m really into it,” Bogert expressed.

Representing Canlaon City

In a brief interview last January, Bogert thanked everyone for selecting her as Canlaon City’s representative for the Sinulog sa Sugbo Philippines Festival Queen 2024 pageant.

Canlaon City, a 4th class component city in the neighboring province of Negros Oriental, sits approximately 135 kilometers away from Cebu City.

Of course, she was aware of the limitations she would have to encounter to represent her town well, particularly on the transportation side.

Mariel Bogert

Tribu Canlaon emerged as this year’s champion in the Free Interpretation category during the Ritual Showdown at the Sinulog sa Sugbo Philippines 2024 Festival. | CDN File photo

“So since I’m representing Canlaon, and I’m from Carcar City, we were supposed to go there and practice but I wasn’t able to go there due to the big waves, and our travel schedule was canceled.”

As a result, Bogert couldn’t practice with the rest of the Canlaon team and opted to continue her dance tutorials inside the premises of her condo room with her trainer, JM Degamo.

But, as if the challenges were not enough, Bogert and her team encountered another obstacle that they needed to overcome.

“I was practicing for almost two weeks for this dance, but when they (the Canlaon team) came here to Cebu, they told me that it (the dance) was different, so I only learned the group dance the other day (Jan. 17).”

Admitting a lack of inclination towards dancing, Bogert acknowledged that those moments posed the most significant challenges. Nevertheless, she chose to pursue it and look at where it has brought her now.


When asked what was her driving force behind her recent wins, Bogert expressed that it is all about hard work, and teamwork, mentioning that without her family and team, she wouldn’t have been able to ace the pageants.

“Hard work. I know that I wouldn’t be here without all the people who helped me, and my hard work, and also the guidance of my manager Sir Rabie, and my mother, my sister, and everyone in my family.”

Mariel Bogert

Sinulog Festival Queen 2024, Mariel Bogert | Mariel Bogert FB

As her second endeavor towards the pageant industry, Bogert expressed her happiness with the results.

More of Mariel Bogert?

So will we be seeing more of Mariel Bogert soon?

According to Mariel, she would like to settle herself first, and maybe explore pageants in the local arena. But if given the chance, she is very open to joining national pageants in the future.

“Maybe I just have to explore first here in Cebu, and then maybe in the national area. It depends on my team.” she expressed.

Mariel Bogert

Mariel Bogert during the Production Number at the Sinulog sa Sugbo Philippines Festival Queen Coronation night. | Photo by Dave Cuizon.

Dream big, Mariel!

Mariel Bogert gracefully navigated challenges, representing Canlaon City with poise and conquering unfamiliar dance routines, showcasing a tenacity stemming from her dedicated pursuit of her dreams.

What sets Mariel apart is her humble approach to victories, as she treats each win a success. Her humility played a role in her poised demeanor at the Sinulog Festival Queen pageant, confidently representing Canlaon City even from miles away.

Mariel’s journey serves as an active testament of the power of resilience, and we eagerly anticipate the next chapters of her inspiring story.

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