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Cebu topnotcher shares secret to success: Strong support system of family, friends

How Cebu university graduate placed No. 5 to Medical Technologists Licensure Exams

Cebu topnotcher secret to success: Strong support system of family, friends: In photo is Elijah Cabase, who placed fifth in the March 2024 Medical Technologists Licensure Examinations | Photo courtesy of Elijah Cabase

Elijah Cabase is No. 5 of the March 2024 Medical Technologists Licensure Examinations | Photo courtesy of Elijah Cabase

CEBU CITY, Philippines — A good support system of family and friends is Elijah Cabase’s secret to his placing 5th in the March 2024 Medical Technologists Licensure Examinations (MTLE).

This 23-year-old University of Cebu-Banilad alumnus said that he was not even expecting to pass because he described himself as a confessed procrastinator — or one who wants to do things later. 

“Up until the month of the board exam, I had built up a large backlog, which made me doubt if I would even pass the board exam,” said the newly licensed medical technologist.

Cebu topnotcher thanks parents, friends

Aside from that, he attributed his success to his parents, whom he said that he was very grateful for helping him reach those heights.

Cabase also highlighted the help of fellow reviewers and friends who kept him focused on the review and it would have been harder for him to even pass the licensure exam if not for them.


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Cabase said that being a procrastrinator, he had to juggle massive amounts of review materials and that was where his friends came in — by helping him cope with the backlog of review materials.

He again attributed his success to his parents, Elvie and Neil Cabase, to whom he dedicated his achievement and where he cited their never-ending support to him ever since kindergarten.

He also acknowledged his brother, Israel Cabase and his family, for funding the tuition for his review center.

“I cannot thank [my family] enough. I love them so much,” he said.

How Cebu topnotcher found out results

He also shared how he felt since Tuesday night (March 26) — anxious and on edge as he as well as other fellow examinees, awaiting the results of Medical Technologists Licensure Examination.

Then at past midnight today or March 27, when he felt like being defeated for not hearing any news about the results and decided to go to sleep.

That was when when one of his batchmates sent the result to their group chat.

And that was also when he found out that he and another batchmate topped the exams.


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He said he could not believe it at first that he placed 5th in the licensure tests.

He then ran downstairs from his room and woke up his mother — screaming that he was part of the top 10 of the Medical Technologist Licensure Exams.

“I couldn’t believe it. I refreshed the page for what felt like 20 times I wasn’t sure if the post was legit,” he said as he laughed. 

“I was having so many doubts about myself after day one. Most especially the day two of the board. But, when people started to chat on messenger, it felt like an immense weight had been lifted off of my chest,” he said.

Along with Cabase, five other Cebu graduates topped the Medical Techonogists licensure examination, with Cebu Doctors University’s Jeency Agujar Pilapil getting the No. 1 spot in the exams.

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