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5 things to love about Bukidnon

The mountain ranges in Communal Ranch

Bukidnon is among the many places said to be worth visiting in Mindanao. It is a province in Northern Mindanao, with its capital in Malaybalay City.

Traveling to Bukidnon can be taxing at times. You’ll literally go through ups and downs for hours, depending on where you are coming from.

But trust that all the long, curvy roads will lead you to a picturesque paradise that will leave lasting memories.


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Here are five things we liked about our Bukidnon trip:

Bukidnon’s Trumpet Trees

Along the roads of Bukidnon, you will notice several trees bearing pink or white flowers. At first glance, you might think they are cherry blossoms. While this is not a far comparison, these trees are called Trumpet Trees.

Trumpet Trees are apparently a staple along the roads of Bukidnon. The tree also has variations with pink, yellow, and white flowers. The flowers bloom in February and remain until April, typically before the trees have regrown their leaves.

Many of these trees can be found along Lover’s Lane in the town of Impasug-ong. The beautiful hues of these trees will leave you in awe as you traverse the seemingly endless roads of Bukidnon.

A Trumpet Tree along the Lover’s Lane

Lover’s Lane

Just by the road in Impasug-ong, the view along Lover’s Lane is hard to miss. Without spending a peso, you can simply stop, park your vehicle by the road, and take a few snaps of the view that looks like it was cut out from a book.

Tourists and even locals flock to this viewpoint, mostly in the afternoon, to enjoy the heavenly combination of green mountains and the warm hues of sunset. Lover’s Lane gives you a sneak peek of what Bukidnon has in store for you to discover.

Lover’s Lane will surely make you fall in love with Bukidnon.

A tourist posing for a snap at the view deck of the Lover’s Lane

Bukidnon’s mountain resorts

They say that the hardest climbs lead you to the most amazing views. Bukidnon proves this to be true. One of the activities that tourists enjoy when visiting Bukidnon is staying in mountain resorts.

While it can be challenging to go off-road, especially in the mountains, the mountain resorts in Bukidnon will never fail to amaze you as they provide the best views.

Who needs air conditioning units when you are sleeping high up in the mountains? The mountain resorts in Bukidnon do not have any air conditioning units or electric fans, but trust that when you sleep at night, it will feel like the AC is set to 16 degrees.

Breakfast with a view from a deck of a mountain resort

A good amount of heat can make the night cozier while drinking or having good conversations with friends. Bukidnon’s weather is just perfect for a bonfire.

Endless pineapple plantation

Pineapple plantations are extensive in Bukidnon. It is home to a well-known pineapple-producing brand in the Philippines.

If you are a first-time visitor to the province, you will definitely be in awe of how vast the plantations are. Many of these farms are just along the road. You’ll literally see pineapples as far as your eyes can see.

However, if you are looking to buy freshly picked pineapples, sorry to disappoint you, but they do not sell them straight from the farm. Tourists can stop along the road to take photos, but picking is illegal.

Pineapple plantation

Communal Ranch

Have you ever visited a place that looks like it came straight from a postcard?

The Communal Ranch in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon is a place that tourists must not miss when visiting the province. Being on the ranch feels like standing in nature’s masterpiece.

The cinematic mountain range and natural scenic view can calm one’s soul.

There are also a few activities you can do on the ranch. For P250, you can ride a horse while exploring the ranch. Guides will accompany you on your ride and take photos for you. You can also rent cowboy hats for 50 pesos to top off your experience.

The breathtaking view from the ranch is the perfect way to wrap up your visit.

The view from the Communal Ranch

Surely, there is more that Bukidnon can offer aside from what is mentioned above.

There could be more scenic views, fun activities, adventures, and places to discover. But if there could be one single word that best describes the province, it would be breathtaking.

Have you been to this mountain paradise? Share your experience with us!

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