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Hope and life emerge amid drug war deaths


They surrendered and lived to tell their stories. And to these men and women who, only months ago, could not even imagine giving up a life of drugs, it was a day like no other. Wearing green shirts with a scripture text proclaiming a rebirth in Christ, at least 25 individuals who were once enslaved […]

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Living it up in 2017


HAPPY new year, all you beautiful people out there! It’s 2017 and I couldn’t be more excited … as they say, every new year brings with it 365 opportunities. Every day we wake up is a gift, and we would have a much better world if we all started acting like it! It has always […]

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Polio victim turning back from drugs


He’s not fond of Zumba, that dance fitness craze sweeping the country, but polio victim Charles Rey Suico finds it preferable than lying on the concrete ground soaked in his own blood. Despite some difficulty walking due to his condition, Suico, a 38-year-old self-confessed drug pusher and user, was only too willing to join more […]

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Jaguar wanted to start a new life


TWO broadcast journalists who interviewed suspected drug lord Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz were surprised over his killing in an alleged shootout in Las Piñas City last Friday evening. “Anogon (It is such a waste)” was how they expressed their sentiments saying they were convinced Jaguar wanted to get out of the illegal drug trade and start […]

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