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Planning to give back to your four-wheeled babies? How about a little pampering?

Cebu City, Philippines— Our automobiles take us anywhere we want to go with the sense of security and comfort.

Just like how cars take care of us in our daily trips, we, too, should make sure that we are taking good care of our vehicles. So give it some pampering every now and then.

One place in Cebu that is known for taking good care of our rides is Roadstar Cebu, which is located along Pope John Paul II Avenue in Barangay Mabolo, Cebu City.

This one-stop car shop caters to all the needs of our beloved four-wheeled babies. Its service center can accommodate works for a vehicle’s engine, body, under chassis, suspension, air conditioning, and electronics. Roadstar can even spice up your ride with some of the latest accessories from wheels, tires, lights, and audio system.

Check out one of its more notable audio system set ups in this Toyota Innova show car:

CDN On Wheels: Roadstar show car

CDN On Wheels takes you on board one of the noted show cars in Cebu by Roadstar Trade Sales Corporation. Check it out in this episode powered by Mobil 1 North Trend Marketing Corporation

CDN Digital 发布于 2019年7月23日周二

Ariel Gella, Roadstar’s service manager, explains why their shop is not just like other shops in Cebu.

“Here at Roadstar, we have the proper equipment with the latest technology that can help fix car problems better and faster,” he said.

Aside from that, their service bay can also cater to many vehicles at a time and they have more than enough mechanics who can take care of every customer’s needs.

Roadstar’s service is known for its quality, and part of the reason of this is because they only use the best things for our vehicles.

For example, for the more common preventive maintenance service (PMS) works like change-oil, Roadstar uses Mobil 1 oils.

Mobil 1 works best in keeping cars in good condition because it is the world’s leading synthetic engine oil that features a multi-layer anti0 wear technology that provides beyond conventional engine oils.

Among the advantages of Mobil 1 oils is that it reduces engine wear and tear, provides extra protection for the engine’s internals, and offers longer change-oil interval.

So if you want to give back to your car for all the trips it has given you, better make your way to Roadstar and give it a simple oil change using Mobil 1.  Maybe you can throw in some extras such as upgrading your audio system or lighting.

Whatever it’ll be, your car would surely be grateful for the pampering. /bmjo

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