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Here’s why you should try core boarding

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CEBU CITY, Philippines— Have you heard of this new fitness craze that is gaining attention online?

It’s called core boarding.

Sounds new?

Read on to find out why this new workout is a great alternative during these times.

 Joe of Equilibre_Ceb helps us understand more about core boarding.

“During the pandemic when all we had to do was just stay home for safety protocols, I researched on what new things to do in the coming days as the quarantine period were extended in longer periods and I guess it was a blessing in disguise that I came across this new hit!” said Joe.

 Joe introduced this new workout option that one can do at home.

Curious? Read on to know why you should start core boarding.

Improves balance and stability

The board requires you to trust your balance and work on controlling your core to set the balance right. This will teach you to trust your own stability and pace to learn the simple balancing on the board.

Strengthens core muscles

In every workout, the core is everything! In this workout, you can control your pace and balance with the help of your core. While you engage your core during practice, this is the start of strengthening your core.


The art of learning to balance is the start of all the fun possibilities of learning how to use the core board. Then of course there’s the falling and the learning of new tricks.

One can be creative

The core board is not all about balancing. It can be used in other workout options that are good for the core and arms. Also, learning to do squats on your board or the hang ten trick will make you feel like a surfer.

New fitness hit

Just like jump rope, yoga, biking, or jogging, core boarding is a hit in Cebu simply because it is new to our eyes and it can really help us with our core muscles, leg and shoulder strength, and balance.

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This new fitness hit can also help you correct your posture.

Ready to try on this new hit workout option?

Start something new this year by doing core boarding.


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