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Where to next? Dalaguete Beach Park

Dalaguete Beach Park

Dalaguete Beach Park. Photo by Rosymie Rosales Lataza

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Have you ever been to this beautiful town in Cebu’s south — Dalaguete?

This southern town that’s approximately two hours away from the city is known for its beautiful peaks and produce.

Not to mention its well-known Obong Spring.

But for some, Dalaguete is more than just a good place for hiking, buying produce, and dipping in the cool spring. To some this southern town is the best place to lounge and get your tan by the beach.

Yes, there’s a beautiful white sand beach hidden in Barangay Casay, Dalaguete, the Dalaguete Beach Park.

Approximately a 10-to-15 minute drive from the town proper, the beach park will leave you in awe with its sprawling white sand, blue waters and coconut trees to shelter you from the sun.

The beach has an entrance fee of P25 for kids and P50 for adults. There are also table and cottage rentals that range from P300 to P350.

Dalaguete Beach Park. In photo are waves splashing at the seashore of the Dalaguete Beach Park.

Dalaguete Beach Park is best enjoyed with company, like your family and friends for it has a long stretch of white sand where one can enjoy a number of activities like playing beach games and sports.

Dalaguete Beach Park. The sand, sea and the coconut trees are among the allure of the Dalaguete Beach Park.

But if you want to escape and do some thinking alone, this is the best spot for you too, you can even bring your dogs or pets with you to have that best relaxation experience without spending too much.

If you  are planning to go on a beach trip, give Dalaguete Beach Park a shot, and perhaps, you will be taken in by her allure of sun, sea, and white sand — a perfect place for a fun and relaxing stay even for a day.



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