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Love for art: Cebuano artist uses talent to be voice of others

CEBU CITY, Philippines— When you have the talent to be the voice of others, why not use it? 

 Kean Larrazabal, a budding artist from Cebu, did just that with his art pieces called, “KaraTula.” 

“I started doing KaraTula during the first few months of the pandemic, where people were apart and others are silenced. KaraTula connects people thru shared experiences and gives voice to those often unheard,” he said. 

Kean’s KaraTula plays between cardboards and poetry, where he can express himself and the realities of the pandemic-stricken society. 

The pandemic pushed Kean to love the talent he was given and make use of it the way he knows he can. 

“I really thought that I need to do it! Because art can be communal and at the same time, can invoke emotion, change, and action in the viewers’ mind in a certain way,” he said. 

love art love art

What Kean loves most about the beautiful industry of arts is the fact that it connects a lot of people. 

“I think every work has different stories to tell, which screams not just about self-expression, but also roots from our culture. The diversity in each art work means connecting to different individuals who share the same story as us,” he added. 

His art pieces are displayed in an exhibit at the Qube Gallery.



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