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Wedding bells not ringing yet for Julia Barretto, Gerald Anderson

Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson.

(From left) Julia Barretto, Gerald Anderson. Images: Instagram/@juliabarretto

Julia Barretto shot down rumors of a secret engagement with her beau, actor Gerald Anderson, saying it is just their mutual happiness that people see shining through.

In an  interview with reporters on the sidelines of the Preview Ball, Barretto said there was no secret to reveal as there was yet no engagement to begin with.

“No, walang gan’un! Walang gan’un, walang secret-secret. Mahirap nang magka-secret sa mundong mabilis ang balita,” she said. (No, nothing like that! There’s no such thing as that, there’s no secret. It’s hard to have secrets now in a world where news travels fast.)

“Sobrang excited [niyo]. Bakit niyo ba kami minamadali? You know, we’re just really happy where we are in life. It’s something to look forward to, pero bakit niyo ba kami minamadali?” she further said. (You’re all so excited. Why are you rushing us?… It’s something to look forward to, but why are you rushing us to get married?)

Barretto then explained that someone shouldn’t be asked about getting married “constantly,” as it’s something that will be shared “when the two people are ready.”

“When that moment comes, I feel like it’s something to be shared when the two people are ready to share such a thing. I don’t think it’s something that should be asked constantly. I feel like when the time comes, it comes,” she said.

“I don’t know why everybody is rushing us. We’re really happy where we are, I’m really happy where I am in my life. I don’t know, you’ll just find out one day,” she continued.

The actress also refused to comment on Anderson exchanging pleasantries with his ex-girlfriend Maja Salvador and her now-husband Rambo Nuñez while on the courtside of the FIBA World Cup, which can be seen in a now-viral Tiktok video.

“Oh my goodness, madam! That’s not the right event for this!” she said in response, when asked about the video. She then blew a kiss to the reporters before walking to the Ball’s premises.


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