Leonardo’s unfinished painting

Simeon Dumdum Jr. 01/07/2018

In March 1481, the Augustinian monks of San Donato a Scopelo in Florence commissioned Leonardo da Vinci, then 29 years old, to make a painting for their altar. Leonardo began working on the “Adoration of the Magi”,…

Unfinished road

Junjie Mendoza 12/30/2016

Vehicles have to slow down when they reach this unfinished concrete road along Legaspi Street corner MJ Cuenco Ave. , Cebu City. This road was a subject of a complaint that t was reported last November. The…

Closing circles

Francis B. Ongkingco 11/11/2016

A way to describe our life projects or ambitions is to compare them to drawing circles. One patiently connects the dots, so to speak, until a circle is finished before moving on to the next goal. Once…

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