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Former Pasigarbo Festival Queen winners share tips for this year’s candidates


Pasigarbo Festival Queen 2008 Chelo Mae Pono Timtim Giango (left) and Pasigarbo Festival Queen 2012 Keena Mary Anne Sumido (right). | Photo contributed from Chelo Mae Pono Timtim Giango and Kirklar Photography

Cebu City, Philippines—It was in 2012 when Cebu had its last Pasigarbo Festival Queen.

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Keena Mary Anne Sumido, who was then 17 years old, represented the Halad Inasal Festival of Talisay City.

Seven years after winning the crown, she is now engaged and a mother of one.

So how did the pageant help her?

“It has molded me to become a better version of myself. It made me responsible not only to my crown but most definitely to myself and everyone around me,” she told CDN Digital. 

Sumido is now based in Isabel, Leyte, currently working as a creative director and event decorator.

Sumido is now based in Isabel, Leyte, currently working as a creative director and event decorator. 

Even before the Pasigarbo Festival Queen 2012, Sumido was already a titleholder.

She was Miss NSU-LHS 2009, Miss Biliran 2011, and one of the Top 15 finalists of ABS-CBN’s “My Girl” in 2012. 

Other titles under her belt are Miss Isabel 2016 second runner-up, Mutya Han Samar 2015 third runner-up, and GMA News TV’s Pinay Beauty Queen Academy 2013 sixth runner-up. 

Sumido said she is delighted that the Pasigarbo Festival Queen is back this year.

What’s her advice for this year’s candidates before she crowns a successor on August 23, 2019 at the Cebu City Sports Center?

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“If you accept yourself, be proud of who you are, and motivated to what you can be, you will have more confidence to face every challenge that comes your way. Do not stop reaching your goals and dreams,” she told CDN Digital. 

She also advised the ladies to treat their fellow candidates with kindness. 

“There will always be negative and positive especially in today’s generation. Win or lose, you will be bombarded with comments from social media. But always have faith and have a positive attitude as a Pasigarbo Festival Queen Should be,” she added. 

Dedication and commitment

Chelo Mae Pono Timtim Giango was also 17 years old when she was named as Siloy Festival Queen in 2007. 

The title gave her that mission to wear the sash for the town of Alcoy for the Pasigarbo Festival Queen 2008, one of the highlights of Pasigarbo sa Sugbo. 

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She then became the apple of everyone’s eye when she took home the first-ever Pasigarbo Festival Queen crown. 

“I feel grateful that in my simplest way, I helped to raise awareness that our town Alcoy has something to be proud of,” she told CDN Digital what happened to her after winning the title.

Giango now works as a senior cabin crew in an airline company. contributed photo | Chelo Mae Pono Timtim

The word “siloy” is a local term for black shama which is abundant in the town of Alcoy, southeastern Cebu. 

The title also boosted her confidence and led her to join other competitions like Sinulog Festival Queen 2009, where finished third runner-up. 

Eleven years after winning the Pasigarbo Festival Queen 2008, the 28-year-old Cebuana now works as a senior cabin crew in an airline company. She also tied the knot last year.

With more than 30 candidates who are confirmed to be joining this year, Giango has shared few tips on how to win the crown. 

She said a candidate should be knowledgeable of the town and festival that they represent.

“It takes dedication, commitment, and confidence when you join the competition. Mostly, enjoy the process and ask guidance from the Almighty God,” she said. /bmjo

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