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You can’t grow by having these people in your life

People enjoy the sun in this photo.CEBU CITY, Philippines— Life is not always fair.

Life has this way of letting you know when you need to let go of certain things and people at some point in time.

It may come at a very unexpected time, but remember everything happens for a reason.

The universe has its own way of saying “time to cut off ties with people who bring you down secretly.”

Who are these people you ask? Read on.

Envious— being envious may not be intentional but the actions of being envious can cause more than just being simply jealous. People, who get envious, tend to make it seem like it is your problem and that you were too boastful. Remember people, who see your success as something good, will never get jealous, rather they will get inspired by your success.

Threatened by capabilities— people who see you as competition will always have a way to bring you down. So, let that go.

Neglect you— if your absence doesn’t bother them, then that’s your cue to leave that page behind and start anew.

Go behind your back— if they find it fun and pleasing to start talking behind your back, then show them your back and walk away from all their drama and insecurities.

Can’t see the good in you— if they are too busy pointing out your bad side, then let them do so. Leave and just live the life you are supposed to — happy, full, and beautiful.

People will always have something to say about you. It may come from their insecurities or you did something that made them feel uncomfortable or mad, but nonetheless, as adults leave these people behind if they can’t communicate right in your face.

Careful because sometimes, these people are disguised as your “friends.”


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