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A viral photo reminding everyone to respect pedestrian lanes

CEBU CITY, Philippines— With over 500 shares an hour after posting it on CDN Digital’s Facebook page, this simple photo is really a good reminder to every motorist to respect pedestrian lanes.

Netizen, Rai Kko shared on his Facebook account on July 1, 2021, a photo of a kid carrying banana cues and running while crossing the street in Barangay Talamaban in Cebu City.

Why is the kid running? Simply because some motorists are honking their horns at the motorcycle rider in a yellow raincoat, who stopped to give way to the kid to cross at the pedestrian lane.

In the viral photo, you can see the motorcycle driver pointing at the kid seemingly explaining to the angry motorists at the back that he was simply giving way to the kid to cross.

This is the viral photo of a boy crossing the street with a motorist at the back of the motorcycle angrily honking his horn because the motorcycle driver stopped and allowed the child to cross the street.

Rai Kko

In KKo’s caption, he said,

“Nihunong ang [driver] motor kay para makalabang ang bata nga nagtinda og saging mantikaan pero ang [driver sa] sakyanan sa likod sa motor nasuko man nuon, pinasirbato pagkusog , nakuyawan intawn ang bata.”

(The driver of the motorcycle stopped to allow the kid selling banana cue to cross the street [at the pedestrian lane] but the [driver] of the vehicle behind the motorcycle got angry and loudly honked his horn. The honking of the vehicle startled the poor kid crossing the street.)

This simple photo shows how this kid is a great example of pedestrians to follow rules in crossing the streets.

And a reminder to motorists to do their part in sharing the road and in respecting traffic rules.

“Unta mo give way jud ta sa mga manglabang sa pedestrian lane,” added Kko.

(We should give way to those crossing at the pedestrian lane.)

The photo as of 12:11 p.m. of July 3, 2021, Saturday has already reached 521 shares, 1,900 reactions, and 286 comments.

Let this photo remind us of our part in sharing the road and in respecting simple traffic rules.


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