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Doug Kramer pens emotional birthday greeting for his first ‘teen’

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Doug Kramer will always have a soft heart as a father to his babies. 

Now, that he officially has a teen in the family, Doug can’t help but look back and reminisce to the good old days in his video greeting for Kendra, who turned 13, Saturday, June 25.

In his social media accounts, Doug shared how he remembers so vividly how little Kendra was when she came into their lives in 2009. 

“Seemed like just yesterday you were that chubby baby whose personality was larger than life, very loud, unbashful, full of spunk and so playful.

The apple of everyone’s eye! You loved to sing and dance and it’s nice to see that those things haven’t changed!” he said. 

He recalls how Kendra would cry seeing him go to basketball practice before and how she loves to put on her mom, Cheska’s outfits, and makeup. 

“Your school even made a special rule about banning 3 yr olds and wearing high heels! 😂👠,” he recalled. 

From being the ‘kikay’ and ‘kulit’ little Kendra, Doug says these days she turned into a more reserved fine young lady who still has some witty punchlines and charisma they all love. 

“You’re such a blessing to Scarlett and Gavin. God made you into the best big sister for them. Annoying them, ordering them around, but showing so much love to them it overpowers the first 2.

You’re such a blessing to Mommy and I.

No words will ever be enough to describe our love for you. We’re proud of you! PROUD!

We’re so excited for what the future holds for you. Mommy and I are your biggest fans. ❤️,” Doug added. 

He then ended his sweet and lengthy message to Kendra by saying she should take her time and enjoy her teenage years.


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