Priscilla Mireilles on rough patch with John Estrada: Actions have consequences

John Estrada (left) and his wife Priscilla Meirelles.

John Estrada (left) and his wife Priscilla Meirelles.

Since I am close to both John Estrada and his wife Priscilla Meirelles, I feel sad that they are going through a rough patch. Out of respect for our friendship, I am not taking sides. When I checked on John, he said, “I am OK, dearie. We are OK. Ayoko nang patulan ang mga ‘yan for now.”

Then, when I messaged Pri, she sent me an emotionally charged reply. As a longtime friend of the couple, I would rather not add fuel to the fire by divulging Pri’s entire message.

All I can share is this message from Priscilla. She said, “Amiga, John and I are not fighting. There is no point in it. It is what it is. But transformation is happening.

“Sometimes, there is a need to shake things up for revival. Actions have consequences. Let’s see how this unfolds. I never enter anything I know I cannot handle. For sure, something good will come out of this by God’s grace.”

Amid the controversy, I suddenly remembered Pri’s funny story about how she mistook John for a stalker when he was wooing her during her reign as Miss Earth in 2004. I also recall how the three of us laughed like crazy when John reenacted the many ways that Pri tried to cure his snoring.

Moments and memories like those ought to remind Pri and John what made them choose each other. For whatever they’ve shared is worth and for the love of their unica hija, Anechka, may they not let this bump on the road end their journey together.

As of press time, I heard from a common friend that John, Pri, Anechka and John’s kids are going to Cebu for a vacation. Hopefully, the change of scenery will work wonders for the couple.


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