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Stefanie Przewodnik, 19, crowned Miss Mandaue 2024

Miss Mandaue Przewodnik

Miss Mandaue 2024 Stefanie Przewodnik during the coronation night on Saturday, May 4. | CDN Digital photo / Christian Dave Cuizon

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Senior high school student Stefanie Przewodnik was crowned Miss Mandaue 2024 Saturday night, May 4.

Przewodnik, 19, bested 11 other lovely ladies during the coronation night held at the Mandaue City Sports and Cultural Complex and earned the honor to represent the city in the Miss Universe Philippines 2025 pageant.

The Miss Mandaue pageant was one of the highlights of the 2024 Mid-Year Cultural Summit.

During the coronation night on Saturday, the 12 lovely ladies vying for the crowned displayed their poise and beauty on stage when the program started at past 7 p.m.


IN PHOTOS: Miss Mandaue 2024 Stefanie Przewodnik

Miss Mandaue 2023 is Victoria Leslie Ingram

Przewodnik, a Filipino-German from Consolacion, Cebu, caught the attention of the judges because of her beauty, wit, and confidence.

Before she joined Miss Mandaue, she was also crowned Miss Consolacion 2022.

Przewodnik is joined by Angela Aumonier (first runner-up) and Kylah Mae Dela Peña (second runner-up). | CDN Digital photo / Christian Dave Cuizon

The first runner up title was given to Angela Aumonier who was also awarded Miss Photogenic, Media’s Choice Aware, and Best in Swimwear.

Kylah Mae Dela Peña, who was also named Miss Congeniality, Best in Fun Wear, Best in Production Number, and Best in Evening gown, was the second runner up.

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Final question

The three ladies were asked a common question during the final question and answer portion.  They were asked how they could cultivate a garden of unity, progress, and inclusivity in the city as Miss Mandaue 2024.

“I am glad to see that Mandaue is a city that is a gateway of inclusivity and that promotes unity among its people. I know Mandaue is diverse. We have so much people and we are very welcoming of people from different areas. And a way that I can cultivate in this city is that I want to teach people to listen to one another. And not just listen to give a response. But to listen for comprehension,” was Przewodnik’s winning answer.

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“I believe, we believe. I know that we believe that communication is key. But communication without comprehension would lead us nowhere. In a city that’s so diverse, we know that we have so much differences. But if we could connect and come together, then I know Mandaue will be a city that is limitless, will have possibilities that are endless,” she added.

Announcement of special awards. | CDN Digital photo / Christian Dave Cuizon

In an interview with CDN Digital minutes after the pageant, Przewodnik admitted that her joining this year’s Miss Mandaue pageant was tainted with so many uncertainties.

However, she managed to persevere and bring home the coveted title.

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“It was really mind over matter because there were so many times where doubt came in or there were so many times that I was so close to giving up. But I pushed through. I persevered and here I am today,” she said.

Miss Mandaue journey

Przewodnik also expressed overwhelming joy and gratitude to her family, friends, and mentors who were with her in her Miss Mandaue journey. 

While she prepared for the pageant, she also had to attend to her classes and other school activities as a senior high school student taking up the Accountancy Business Management (ABM) strand in one of the schools in Cebu City.

“I’m overjoyed. I’m filled with gratitude. And of course, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the people who supported me and guided me and mentored me,” she said.

Knowing that she has all the support that she needs, Przewodnik had her eyes on the crown during the coronation night on Saturday.

Miss Mandaue 2023 Victoria Leslie Ingram. | CDN Digital photo / Christian Dave Cuizon

Glitz and glamour

This year’s Miss Mandaue pageant was filled with glitz and glamour as the 12 lovely finalists showed what it means to be women of beauty and a passion.

Saturday’s pageant, with its “Lush and Luxe” theme, opened with a production number by the 12 finalists and Miss Mandaue 2023 Victoria Leslie Ingram.

This was followed by the swimwear and evening gown competitions which showcased the different creations of Mandaue City-based designers.

Actor Paul Salas serenaded the lovely ladies and the spectators.

Before the winners were announced, Ingram, who was clad in a black gown, did her farewell walk. Ingram will represent Mandaue City in the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 coronation night on May 22.

Below is the complete list of special awardees for Miss Mandaue 2024.

Miss Talent – Althea Mae Uy

Miss Photogenic – Angela Aumonier

Miss Congeniality – Kylah Mae Dela Peñac

Media’s Choice Award – Angela Aumonier

Best in Fun Wear – Kylah Mae Dela Peña

Best in Production Number – Kylah Mae Dela Peña

Best in Swimwear – Angela Aumonier

Best in Evening Gown – Kylah Mae Dela Peña

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