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MWP 2021 Tracy Maureen Perez: ‘I am still the same simple Bisaya girl with big dreams’


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CEBU, Philippines –Newly-crowned Miss World Philippines 2021 Tracy Maureen Perez finally took to social media on Friday, October 15, to share her pageant stint’s experience. 

After being inactive on social media, she finally breaks her silence, “It’s been a while since the @msworldphil Coronation Night and haven’t been active on social media but I must say, it still hasn’t fully sunk in yet.”

Twelve days have passed after she won, the Cebuana beauty queen has been “super busy” with her “recovery”, on her job as the new MWP 2021, her interviews and appearances. She even jokingly said, “Especially after falling twice.”

In a lengthy post, Perez said she is still not used of wearing the sash and the crown, and to be called “Miss World Philippines”.

“I can still clearly remember how I daydream being called as one and replaying the MWP song (she’s the one, she’s the queen, she’s Miss World Philippines)🌎

It honestly feels like my life just changed in one night but here I am, still the same simple Bisaya girl with big dreams and a humble yet brave heart that does not give up,” she went on.

Perez also wrote about the hardships she encountered throughout her MWP journey. 

“All throughout my life, I’ve experienced so many hardships (those closest to me can attest to that). Even when pursuing my dream in pageantry, I’ve been told so many times that I lack so many things and that I cannot and will not be Miss World Philippines, how much more be Miss World,” she wrote.

She also shared how criticism and bashing affected her. Luckily, she managed to look for the silver lining and overcome the challenges she faced.

“I’ve been criticized, looked down upon, judged, called names, made fun of and so many other things. I’ve also fell down so many times in life, doubted myself, and gave up, even hated my life at times. I would even ask myself why does everything, every aspect of my life, have to be so difficult for me. But I realized, this is my life and if I truly want to be happy, I have to embrace every single bit of it and take charge, that even if my life is indeed difficult, it is still a miracle and a huge blessing from up above.

Now, I am here and I can finally say I made it, we made it. The seemingly impossible circumstances became possible for us and this might be a good sign that the elusive Blue Crown will finally be ours for the taking ,”she added.

She called out her supporters to join her fight for the international crown,”Please join me in this fight, I will stop at nothing to bring pride and honor to our country and to us Filipinos because when life pushes us back, that is when we fight harder. Laban, mahal kong Pilipinas,”she noted.


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Perez was crowned MWP 2021 last October 3, which gave her a chance to compete for the international beauty tilt to be held in Puerto Rico in December.


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