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Preparing binignit? Read on


In binignit, the addition of landang to thicken the sauce is what makes the dish uniquely Cebuano. | file photo

MANDAUE CITY, Cebu—It’s just a few more days before Good Friday and for sure, binignit is again on top of your meat-less day menu ideas. 

But before you head out to buy some ingredients, make sure you know exactly what you need and you have enough cash for your purchase.

“Medyo ni mahal na gyud karon ang mga sağol. Mag usab-usab ang presyo depende sa mag deliver,” says Manang Bebie, a vendor who sells root crops at the Mandaue City Public Market.

Landang or palm fruit jelly balls, for example, is now sold for at P230 per kilo at Manang Bebie’s store. 


Binignit ingredients being sold at the Mandaue Public Market in Mandaue City. CDN Digital photo | Doris C. Bongcac

This used to be sold for less than P200 a few months back, she said.

All of the root crops that she sells come from a supplier in Mindanao.  This is delivered to her by a local distributor. 

Manang Bebie is well aware that most people are now tight on budget.  But a Good Friday celebration is not also complete without a steaming bowl of binignit on the table.

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“Magluto na lang gyud og ginagmay para dili kaayo daku og gasto,” she said.

Eva, one of Manang Bebie’s costumers, said she has found means to cut on cost while making sure that she continues to prepare yummy binignit that she would sell to neighbors in Barangay Banilad at P10 per plastic cup.

Aside from scheduling her market visits every other day to save on transportation cost, she also mixes pilit (sticky rice) to her binignit instead of just using pure landang.

Pilit that is sold between P43 to P48 per kilo is way cheaper than landang.

Here are the prices of other ingredients  of binignit as of April 5, 2022. (Note: Prices may change depending on availability of supply)

Landang – P230/kilo 

Pilit – P43 to P48/kilo

Gabi – P80/kilo

Kamote – P40 – P50/kilo

Brown sugar – P48/kilo 

Saging – P25/kilo

Lubi (grated coconut) – P60/kilo

Ube – P80 /kilo

Saging – P25/kilo

Sago – P5 per small pack


Buy your binignit ingredients at satellite, mobile markets –Mandaue Market Authority

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