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Symposium tackles mangroves for coastal defense


THE importance of mangroves as primary defense against the effects of typhoons and storm surges was emphasized yesterday during the symposium dubbed as Mangrove for Climate – Adaptive and Resilient Communities, attended by at least 200 participants in the Visayas. The symposium aims to encourage the planting of mangroves and get the participation of the […]

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Cousteau visits PH, calls for conservation of Tañon Strait


OCEANA senior advisor Alexandra Cousteau visited the Philippines from Aug. 29 to Sept. 11 and met with Cebu local officials, civil society, business leaders and media to help promote Oceana’s campaigns against the twin bane of uncontrolled coastal development and illegal fishing in the country’s fragile marine ecosystems. Cousteau, granddaughter of renowned undersea explorer Jacques […]

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Loyalty, silence for Banacon’s ‘patron’


The death of drug lord Rowen Secretaria, alias Yawa, might have been a cause for celebration for the Cebu police, but the residents of Banacon Island in Getafe, Bohol have nothing but tears over the loss of a generous patron. His death in the hands of anti-drug agents on May 28 brought sorrow to more […]

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Fishers protect, earn from mangroves


ANY lingering trauma over Supertyphoon Yolanda is overshadowed by the thrill of a scenic boat ride through a mangrove forest that survived one of the most destructive typhoons in the country. A blue-feathered long-beaked migratory bird perched on the branch of a “bakhaw” and some wild ducks greeted visitors at the start of the cruise. […]

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