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5 Simple Ways to Plan a Family Christmas Party

By: - December 22, 2023

Christmas is a special time for families in the Philippines. Here are five easy ways to organize a fun and memorable Christmas party that everyone will enjoy.

By keeping things simple and embracing Filipino traditions, your family Christmas party in the Philippines will surely be a heartwarming and unforgettable celebration.

5 Simple Ways to Plan a Family Christmas Party

Celebrate Filipino Traditions

Share the joy of Filipino customs like “Simbang Gabi”, making “Parol” lanterns, and having a delicious “Noche Buena” feast. Don’t forget fun activities like “Monito Monita” gift exchanges and showing respect with “Mano Po” to elders.

Plan Activities for All Ages

Make sure there’s something fun for everyone! Arrange games like “Pabitin” for kids and sing-alongs with a Karaoke machine. For adults, consider a “Kris Kringle” gift exchange or a “Christmas Carol” sing-off.

Decorate with Filipino Touches

Create a festive vibe with traditional Filipino decorations. Use “Sampaguita” flowers, set up a “Belen” (Nativity scene), and hang colorful “Bandera” flags. Adding “Capiz” shell ornaments and elements of the “Tinikling” dance adds to the festive feel.

Serve Delicious Filipino Food

Food is essential! Treat everyone to Filipino favorites like “Lechon”, “Puto Bumbong”, “Bibingka”, and “Fruit Salad”. Don’t forget regional treats like “Suman” or “Pancit” to add variety.

Spread Christmas Cheer Together

Make Christmas more meaningful by giving back. Organize a “Charity Drive” or a “Gift-Giving Activity” to help those in need. Volunteering together or organizing a “Pamaskong Handog” can spread joy beyond your family.

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5 Simple Ways to Plan a Family Christmas Party


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